8 brilliant ways to store your books

8 brilliant ways to store your books

A captivating book is always nice to give and even nicer to receive. Even in this fast moving digital world, there are still many book lovers among us.

A book shelf to store your book collection can be a great eye catcher in your living room. Check out these 8 amazing and stylish ways to fill your home with books.

1. Turn an old ladder into a book shelf


If you just started a collection of books, this rustic book shelf will fit perfectly. The wooden elements will add warmth and coziness to you home.

2. Two in one open book chair


Do you love to simply stretch out comfortably, relax and browse through your favorite magazines? This open book chair might just be what you need!

It’s ideal for homes that are short on space because the shelf is integrated in the right side of the chair.

3. Upcycling your old books

No room for a book case? A cheap and clever way to store your new books is to simply reuse your old ones as a book shelf.

Check out how it’s done :

old books

4. Book tree

Booktree ash
Book tree by Kostas Syrtariotis

This wonderful book shelf in the form of a tree was designed by Kostas Syrtariotis. Not cheap, but an absolute piece of art!

You can fill the branches with your favourite books. It will look lovely in your children’s room as well as in yours.

5. Spinning library

Another designer’s item is the Spinning Library by Nayef Francis.

The spinning shelves make a handy table to put your beverage or personal items on while looking for your favorite book.


Spinning Library by Nayef Francis

Creative minds succeeded into creating a cheaper version in scaffold wood. Same design, other material. Well done!


6. On a clothes-hanger?

Indeed! A funny way to display your magazines is to hang them on a clothes-hanger! An original idea for storing your magazines in the kitchen or restroom.


7. All sizes of baskets

Another fine example of thinking out of the box is this one. Just reuse your old baskets and attach them to the wall.


8. Saving space

Staircase bookshelves are a beautiful and space-saving way to show off your expanding book collection.


Whether you create your own book shelf from wooden crates or whether you invest in a more exspensive designer’s item, possibilities are endless to organize your books in a stylish and unique way!

Books tell us something about its owner. How do you store your books?  Share your comments!

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