10 Uses For Wooden Pallets

10 Uses For Wooden Pallets

The primary use for wooden pallets is transporting heavy items of course! But the life of a wooden pallet has so much more potential.

With a bit of love and creativity you can turn a wooden pallet into something quite unique and desirable. Cost efficient, eco-friendly and really rather cool.

We’ve rounded up our top 10 projects to inspire you.

1. Wooden Planter

Simple and stunning to start – wooden pallets make fantastic durable planters.

Paint yours if you desire or keep it natural rustic. Place them in a stack or up against a wall and then simply arrange your plants and flowers in the layers. Perfect for swapping over seasonal varieties too!

2. Herb Garden

Another great outdoor use is to turn your planter into a herb garden.


Lean it against a wall or add a base – and then line up your pots. You can write the name of the herb on the side, so you can keep tabs on which is which while they grow. Easy to water and easy to use.

3. Pallet Chairs

Put your feet up and relax once you’ve made this!

Needing a little more effort to put together, but eco chic comes from your very own upcycled pallet chair! Add waterproof cushions and you’re good to go for all seasons with this one.

4. Pallet Table

Expand your furniture collection with this pallet table – it looks so stylish!

Paint it a neutral tone if you wish and add 4 casters to the corners. For the top, you can fill in the gaps with additional wooden slats, or for an elevated look fix a piece of glass to the table top.

5. Bookcase

It’s amazing how something so simple can great an impact – use your wooden pallets for bookshelves.

Use one or multiple as fits your room and storage needs, and paint to match the room décor. Then stack up your books within the pallet or use the top as well.

We’re a fan of the dual use of this one, with the added touch of plants!

6. Coat Rack

Why not turn your wooden pallet into this coat rack?


This one requires a little bit of effort, but easy enough for the novice DIY-er. Farmhouse style sorted!

7. Pallet Mirror


Your upcycled wooden pallet also doesn’t need to look like its former self. This mirror looks classy and expensive but once again – it’s made from an old wooden pallet!

Use the panels to create the frame for your mirror and the storage shelf. Well impressed if you make this one!

8. Wine Rack


Need a new funky display case for your wine and wine glasses? There’s a wooden pallet for that!

9. Shoe Rack


With a bit of DIY, you can also turn your pallet into a cool place to store your shoes. Perfect for muddy boots as it can easily be cleaned.

10. Pallet Kitchen

And finally, if you fancy a bit more of a project, any kid will love you for creating a mud kitchen. You’ll need a few pallets plus extra model kitchen parts, but it’s well worth it. Simply check Pinterest for some inspiration.

Have you upcycled a wooden pallet? Been inspired to create something else? Let us know in the comments your wooden pallet project.

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