8 ways to organize your ever expanding shoe collection

8 ways to organize your ever expanding shoe collection

This week – London Fashion Week – designers present their latest collections to the media. If you want to find out what’s hot and what’s not for the season ahead, then don’t miss out on this week’s action.

Do you already have more shoes than you actually need? Let us show you 8 creative ways to organize your ever expanding shoe collection.

1. Pile them up


The best way to keep a good overview of your shoe collection is to store each pair in a separate box. Take a picture of your shoes and tape it on the front of the box. It works perfectly!

2. Roll up your sleeves

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No matter what the size of your apartment or home might be, there is always a way to create space, but this must be the most economical solution of all.

With a bit of DIY skills you can easily build a shoe rack by gluing PVC pipes together.

3. The traditional way


You prefer your shoes out of sight? Simply store them in a shoe cabinet. At Ikea you can find several models that stand close up to the wall and don’t take up too much space.

4. Staircase with shoe drawers


This staircase with built-in shoe drawers is a very nice and above all a practical solution for storing – or maybe even hiding away – your large shoe collection. Now your family members will no longer have an excuse for not taking off their shoes when going upstairs.

An idea worth considering when you are building a home or planning to renovate!

5. Elegantly organized


Another fine storage solution is this modern built-in shoe storage. All shoes are hidden away from the view – just the way we like it. Of course best to integrate in your building or renovation plans in advance.

6. Ladder shoe shelf


If you happen to have a spare wooden ladder in your house, then put it to good use. Just paint it in your favorite colour and use it as a shoe rack. It’s a functional solution for your stilettos!


You can start from scratch as well by creating your own tailor-made shoe shelf.

7. Shoe baskets in the hallway


These labeled baskets are our favorite family storage solution! Simply use a basket for each family member, name them and tuck them away under the bench in your hallway.

8. Furniture left overs

Last but not least, we would like to show you that – even if you don’t have much storage space – you can be creative with any spare furniture you may have. A bench, an old bookshelf, … it can all serve as shoe storage.

Maybe you can also consider one of Shurgard‘s storage solutions. Do you feel inspired? Share us your comment.

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