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12 easy ways to freshen up your home

12 easy ways to freshen up your home

With the beautiful days coming back, we all look to change something: our haircut, our clothes, the house, sometimes our husband! While some of these things are possible, we thought we would share with you a few simple ideas to rejuvenate your home without having to buy a new one or spend a fortune. You will be surprised to see how one single change can give a complete new look to your inside

Idea 1: Pretty up your entrance

The entrance is the very first impression of your home. Why not give it a facelift by painting the door a vibrant colour, change the door knob, add a (couple of) potted plants or maybe even some lights.


Idea 2: Make the kitchen more lively

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of a home. Give it some life by adding flower pots or herbs, some fancy light fixtures (chandelier, hanging lamp…)


Idea 3: Change your back splash

It’s an easy way to update your kitchen without having to redo the whole thing. All styles are possible, make it a reflection of you.


Idea 4: Take care of the garden, backyard or terrace

You can make your backyard nice no matter how big or small it is. Get some nice outdoor chairs, some colorful cushions or a hammock will also do. Make sure there’s enough greenery around to keep you relaxed. If you don’t have a real lawn, line the floor with artificial grass to bring a sense of nature to your home.


Even if you don’t have a garden, you can turn a little balcony into a green corner. If you are a practical person, considering growing herbs or small vegetable plants. It will be fun to harvest food you’ve grown yourself.



Idea 5: Update your textiles


Opting for bright and airy curtain can totally freshen up the look of the entire house. Just make sure they match your new curtains and existing furniture. Or, cover your existing sofa with some different fabrics – a cheap and easy way to freshen them up.

While you are at it, consider changing or removing your existing rug as well. Don’t forget to think about the practicality and maintenance of the rug before you change though. If you have small children at home, it might not be the best idea to go for white rugs.

Idea 6: Add a painting or change pictures in your photo frames


This is an easy and relatively cheap way to give your home a boost.

Idea 7: Change your light with some mood adapting/ambience lighting.

We find these Form in Nature light sculpture very fascinating as it totally transforms your room into a mysterious jungle. But if you prefer something a little bit less mystical, Ikea has plenty of choices at reasonable prices.


Idea 8: Paint a wall or a room a different color

Just one wall could be enough to make a difference. Or, you can also paint/paper the ceiling. There’s your surprising factor!


Idea 9: Add a large mirror to your living room

It will make your room bigger, brighter and more sophisticated. And, you don’t need to go for the usual choice seen every where on magazines (antique mirror above the fireplace). Try a different type of mirror or location to see what suit your home best!


Idea 10: Add plants

A bit of green is nice on the eyes. They also filter the air and freshen up the house like nothing else. Make sure you water them from time to time though.


Idea 11: Move your furniture around

Why not? Changing the way you arrange your furniture can create a whole different feeling to your home. Plus it’s free! We don’t suggest you move ALL furniture from one room to another, but you know, not every piece of furniture in your home has to rest against a wall. Getting rid of some excess clutter will give you the freedom to move things around and it could work wonders.


Idea 12: Declutter

Finally, nothing makes a home look good or feel great if it’s a mess. Decluttering will save you time cleaning up, so you have more time for fun. It will reduce your stress and make you happier. Try to spend sometime to asses and categorise your clutter into the groups below.


And if you have trouble parting with your stuff, make sure to check out Shurgard’s storage options. We can help store your belonging while you make up your mind about what you want to do with them.

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