5 Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner… even if you are not going out to a party this year, there is no reason not to get into the spirit!

If you need some inspiration for a stay-at-home or Zoom Halloween – we’ve got 5 spook-tacular ideas.

Freaky Family

Get the whole family involved! Simple for Mum and Dad – dig out a black dress and suit; the main effect will come from the make-up! Use face paint in white for her, and green for him. Add in some fangs and a fake head scar to complete the look.

The little ones just need to wear white and be wrapped up loosely in a bandage.

Spooky Skeletons

A skeleton is a classic Halloween costume! This one is simple too. You’ll need a black and a white t-shirt. Use one as the base layer and cut the top layer to create a skeletal pattern. Wear one over the other to get the perfect result.

The face paint will complete the look again. Use the white paint to cover the face, and add the black around the eyes with a criss-cross pattern over the mouth.

‘Witch’ one are you?

A real classic!

To start you need to go green. Coloured Body Spray is a good option to get the all-over look with less hassle. Remember to let yourself dry before you get dressed….

A black dress is easy to come by, then add some spiderweb net fabric to the sleeves and seams to get the perfect creepy result. You can also create your own broom stick with an old pole or long stick. Collect together smaller twigs and wrap them to your pole with twine or string.

Look Dead Good

Mexican Day of the Dead adds a touch of glamour to your Halloween outfit. Think flamenco style frocks, and waistcoats. A fabulous head flower wreath is also a must – you can buy a readymade option online, or stick fake flowers to a headband. Be sure to opt for blood red flowers!

The make-up is key. You can find lots of tutorials online to perfect the Day of the Dead look.

Better the devil you know

How about a cheeky devil?! Good for all the family.

Devil horns and props are easily available – from Amazon, or local retailers – so this is a good last minute choice. Match that with a red outfit and slick of red lipstick and you’re good (or bad?) to go!

What is your choice for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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