5 tips to get your kids to bed

5 tips to get your kids to bed

Is putting your child to bed a struggle every night or does it go quite smoothly? Some kids simply don’t like to go to sleep, whereas as a baby, that was all they ever did.

Nearly every parent has to deal with the difficulty of putting a child to bed at a certain point. But for some parents however, bedtime can be a daily nightmare.

Here we give you 5 tips on getting your kids to bed on time:

1. Implement a bedtime routine

As with everything, rules and structure are important. They give your child a sense of safety and security. So rule n° 1: during the day this room is for fun, but in the evening that’s where you close your eyes and sleep.


Creating a bedtime routine for children can release the stress for both the parents and the child and helps to prepare them for bedtime.

It’s a good idea to begin the bedtime routine 15 or even 30 minutes before their actual bedtime.

This routine usually includes putting on pyjamas, going to the toilet, brushing their teeth, a bedtime story, goodnight kisses and of course … the final glass of water!

2. Create an attractive sleeping environment

Turn your child’s bedroom into a cool and comfortable space that reflects their personality.

Most kids have a passion for something: superheroes, lego or ponies. You can get creative with the bedroom decoration and work your child’s passion into the bedroom’s theme.


It doesn’t have to be expensive. A nice wallpaper or a few wall decals, nice accessories and fresh colours are enough to turn the bedroom into an attractive space where your kid feels happy to go to at night.

3. Release their creativity


If your son is a real artist, why not allow him to create some wall art himself? Or if your daughter loves poetry or songs, she can write her own message or lyrics on a chalkboard.

This personal touch will make the room even more special!

4. Peace of mind

Children find peace of mind in a tidy room. So make sure to have them clean up their toys after playing.

Kids toys 9

There are some fun ways to store toys, a topic we tackled in our blog post on Stylish Ways to Hide Toys in your Kids Room. If your child’s room is quite small, you can also store some toys in the attic or consider renting a small storage unit or locker.

5. Cool pyjamas and bedding


It may seem like a detail, but it is not! The importance of pyjamas, pillows and blankets is often underestimated.

Kids sleep better in a cool pyjama or under their favorite blanket. And if they are still brand-new, kids are even looking forward to go to bed. What more can you want?

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