5 tips to style your home like a stylist – a guest post by Little Big Bell

5 tips to style your home like a stylist – a guest post by Little Big Bell

Always wanted your home to look like it’s straight out of an interiors magazine? It might not be as impossible as you may think. Take a look at my five tips on how to style your home like a pro.

Whatever your taste in colour or style may be, the below points will hopefully help inspire you, when you decorate your own home.

Style tip 1: Colour

Mixing and matching colours can be intuitive for some, but if you find it tricky, then the colour wheel is going to be your new best friend.

Colours that sit next to one another are going to work harmoniously well together, as do those directly opposite each other. Pastel shades, from minty greens, blush pinks to light sky blues work particularly well and can really add personality to your room.

Green sofas are very on trend at the moment. However, judging from the recent ‘Salone del Mobile’ design fair in Milan, it looks like pink sofas will soon be the new favourite.

Style tip 2: Create a gallery wall

Interchange framed prints above the sofa. If you’re not sure where to look, try Etsy UK, an online marketplace, for original and quirky prints by independent artisans.

Command strips are a great tool to hold the prints up. The strips are removable, without the need to put nails in the wall.

Style tip 3: Indoor plants

This is one of the trends that have continued from last year, and is still going strong. Large plants such as the Fiddle leaf fig plant are really popular at the moment.

Cacti and succulents in an array of painted pots, placed as a collection on shelves, are a great way to create a Boho chic vibe.


Style tip 4: Style your coffee table

Add some character to your room with a styled coffee table. It’s the perfect way to show off your personality or even just your latest finds.

Add small piles of your favourite hardback books (try using ones with a similar colour palette to your room), a tray for trinkets, a scented candle and a small potted plant.


Flowers always give the room an instant lift. Scented seasonal blooms create a happy atmosphere (try to buy these fortnightly for your coffee table so they always look fresh). If you can’t get scented flowers, then try lighting a scented candle as an alternative.

Style tip 5: The television

A large chunky television can really spoil the look of a room. Televisions hidden in cupboards or incorporated into inbuilt shelves that hide wires are the way forward. There are also beautifully designed televisions on the market nowadays, like this Serif TV, designed by the Bouroullec brothers.


Hope you’ve found these 5 tips for styling your home like an interiors stylist useful.

I’m sure you would have gathered from the post above, that some stylists (like me) have large collections of homewares used as props for photo shoots.

Stylists store their props in different places but I prefer to store my items on shelves around my house, but space is fast running out.

shelf w
Here’s a shelf holding props I use for my Autumn/Winter styling.

shelf p
These are for my Spring/Summer stylings.

In addition to decorative objects, most stylists have piles of cushions, throws, wall prints and even sofas (I’m getting my fifth sofa next month!).

To stop our homes from becoming cluttered, or turning into a prop house, stylists often use external storage solutions.

Seasonal accessories and larger pieces of furniture can be easily stored away and taken out next season or when the trend comes back in style.

This is a great way to keep clutter at bay, giving one a blank canvas from which to create from.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my tips above, I’ll be back soon talking creative storage solutions for your kid’s room.

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