5 ways to transform your spare room

5 ways to transform your spare room

Do you have a spare room? Lucky you! But honestly, when was the last time someone actually used it?

Instead of leaving your spare room unused, why not transform it into your own personal sanctuary? A yoga studio, a music room, or perhaps even your own fully stocked bar. Here are our 5 favourite ideas to make the most of your spare room :

1. Yoga studio


No need to worry about running late for class. With your own yoga studio you can do your work-out in the privacy of your own home, in your own time.

When decorating, remember neutral. Muted colours will help restore calm to the room and get you in the right frame of mind. Less is more, so get rid of all clutter. Tidy surroundings make for a tidy mind. The only things you’ll need are a yoga mat, a nice statement mirror and some candles.

If yoga isn’t your thing, the same idea could be altered for a different sport or you could transform the room into your own personal gym.

2. Home library or cinema

Your home library could be the perfect zen zone. Somewhere you can close the door and get lost in a good book.


Start by covering the walls with shelves and filling them with your favourite books. Place a comfy chair in the room with a good lamp, add some snugly blankets, some soft cushions et voilà, behold your own library.

If you’re not really the literal type, why not go for a home cinema? I’m sure you will be able to seduce your friends with some chips, beers and a good movie!

3. Music room

Playing an instrument is rewarding, but if your partner doesn’t always feel so positive about your hobby, you can create your own personal music room.

Make it functional and inspiring. Framing vinyls or album covers are a stylish yet affordable way to decorate your room.


If you play a particularly loud instrument (or you’re a beginner and haven’t quite nailed those high notes yet), make sure to invest in some sound proofing to avoid arguments with family members or neighbours.

4. Game room

Games are not just for kids, so why not create a space the whole family can enjoy? Even the smallest room can become the hub of the house.


You can add your favorite board games and table games like football, hang up a dartboard and of course, put a drinks fridge in the corner – you’ll never want to leave!

5. Dressing room

Create your own dressing room to give your beloved items their own home. Having a space to get ready in can make even the most stressful morning more enjoyable.

Start by moving your wardrobe from your master bedroom, add in some mirrors, some beautiful heavy drapes and a cosy chair to give it a lovely boudoir look. Get plenty of small boxes or baskets to hold all of your accessories.


Organisation is the key to making the getting-ready experience as stress-free as possible!

Any ideas yourself?

Whatever you choose to do with your spare room, transforming the space can be a great excuse to have a good old clear out.

Ditch the junk or store some of your belongings in a storage unit. That way you can create a beautiful and functional space that you will make use of for many years to come. Any great ideas yourself? Let us know!

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