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6 tips to keep your home safe and secure during the Christmas holiday

6 tips to keep your home safe and secure during the Christmas holiday

With all the rush of shopping, decorating and preparations prior to Christmas, it’s normal for us to feel that the holiday itself should be a time of fun and celebration.

To ensure that you can celebrate with absolute peace of mind, we thought we should share some essential tips to keep your home safe and secure during the festive season.

1. Lock everything

It’s obvious but check, and double check, to make sure that every door and window in your house is locked when you go to bed, or when you are out.

2. Hide your gifts and valuables

What burglars usually look for when they break into homes are Christmas gifts and small valuable items such as jewellery and electronics… Keep these items away from windows and out of sight. You may want to consider using a safety deposit box for your jewellery or a self storage unit to store your gifts. That way you can keep the presents safe when you’re not at home, and also away from the curious eyes of your children!

3. Be discreet when you dispose of gift packaging

Don’t give people a hint of all the expensive gifts you have received over Xmas. A quick glance at your rubbish bins can tell them what they can find inside your house. Make sure you break down the packaging and conceal the wrapping from expensive items as much as possible.

4. Keep the lights on

It’s a lot less likely for a burglar to try and break into your home if it looks like someone is inside. So use a timer for several lights in your home to have them switched on when you are away. If you want a more tech-savvy solution, invest in light bulbs that can be switched on via Wifi so you can control them over the internet, even when you are thousands of miles away.

5. Inform your neighbour

Another thing that burglars usually look for is the mailbox, if it’s full then there’s a possibility that no one is home. If you are going on holiday, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out, pick up your letters – and if the weather has been bad, even clear the snow for you!

6. Be careful with what you share on social media

It’s exciting and tempting to share your holiday plans with your friends, but be cautious about what you post. Don’t share on social media where you are going, when you are leaving and when you will be back. And don’t post picture of your plane tickets either – it can reveal a lot more information than you think. You can always post the pictures once you are back!

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