6 Top tips to survive a home renovation

6 Top tips to survive a home renovation

Buying a house that needs a renovation may seem pretty overwhelming. But if you are well prepared, building works don’t have to be a nightmare.

We’ve come up with some top tips to help you survive the dust, mess and muddy builders’ boots.

1. Pre-organise


Take some time to organise before the builders arrive.

If you’re having your kitchen redone, you can create a mini-kitchen area upstairs. Simply clear a space to plug in the microwave, kettle and maybe even a hot plate. No one enjoys his breakfast with drilling, sanding and builder banter.

Think of it as a camping trip and buy some plastic cutlery, napkins and paper plates for a stress-free clean up. Before the renovation starts, you – or your mum – can already prepare and freeze some easy dishes that can be reheated in the microwave.

2. Take-way

The kitchen may be completely out of order for a while. If a mini-kitchen area somewhere else in the house is impossible, you will have to get out the house and have dinner elsewhere, order take-away or indulge in a naughty M&S picnic.


What used to be a treat may now become a regular thing, Thai Monday, Pizza Tuesday, MacdoWednesday? It could be worse.

3. Cover and protect

Chances are there will be builders traipsing through your house on a daily basis with muddy boots.

Protect your floors with plastic sheets. It’s cheap and easy to get hold. It will protect your floor and carpets from getting covered in dust and dirt during the process.

4. Keep your furniture safe

Renovating the house usually means a lack of space, and a potential lack of safety for your treasured furniture and belongings.

Why not make things simple and put of your oak table and Grandma’s dresser into a storage unit at Shurgard?

It will give your builders space to work and will give you peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe for the duration of the works.

5. Love thy neighbour

In order to stay on good terms with your neighbours, inform them about your renovation plans before works start (perhaps armed with baked goods) especially if they have young children or are students.

They will appreciate your consideration when they end up being woken up by drilling on a Saturday morning.

6. Be patient …

…and remember it won’t be forever. Your house will be spanking new in no time.

Have you had renovation works done recently? Share your tips below.

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