7 Tips For A Staircase Renovation

Walk in your front door. What’s the first thing you see? In most cases it is the stairs. BUT they are so often overlooked when people redesign or update their houses.

Investing some time and money on your stairs will ensure you make the right first impression; an instant home facelift.

What’s the first step? Here’s 7 tips for a staircase renovation.

1. Use Colour Paint


Just a fresh coat of paint will modernise a wooden staircase, but bright paint will make your staircase standout versus neutral décor in your hallway. This blue ombre is super stylish and striking. Hello Hallway!

2. Light It Up

Consider incorporating low level lights to your staircase design to get the right mood lighting in your hallway… and the perfect runway!

3. Hidden Storage

Avoid dead space under your stairs by creating clever storage. Incorporate shelving, cupboards or pull-out racks so you can neatly store outdoor items close to the front door.

4. Carpet vs. Wood

This will depend on the quality of the stairs, use and wear and tear. Opinion is divided, but a good happy medium is a carpet runner.

Still exposing beautiful floors, a carpet tread will reduce noise from trampling feet as well as provide grip.

Carpet runners are easy to clean, and much easier to replace a section if an accident happens!

5. Feature and Function

Make your staircase is a real talking point and integrate it into the design of the rest of your house.

Create floating stairs; Use a mix of materials, spirals or zig zags. Get inspired depending on the space available to you, and really get the WOW factor.

These stairs are a visual delight. Style, feature and function all in one.

6. Vinyls

Stair stickers have risen in popularity, so there is a huge choice available.

Simply cut to size and stick on the risers for an immediate modernisation of your staircase. A quick, easy and effective way to achieve a staircase upgrade.


7. Just Go Crazy?

And why not go bold! There are some outrageous vinyls on offer, so get creative! Bring a waterfall into your hallway.
Or indulge in some life-affirming quotes as you clamber the wooden hill to bed!



Your renovated staircase will be the right first impression when you open the front door.

How have you modernised your staircase?
Share your top tips with us!

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