7 tips for saving money when you move house

7 tips for saving money when you move house

Unless you’re a devout minimalist, moving house can be both daunting and expensive — especially if you’re on a tight budget.

With fees and charges coming at you from left, right and centre, you need to be ahead of the game if you want to make savings. The good news is that it is possible to move without breaking the bank.  It just requires some planning, research and ruthless decluttering on your part. Here are seven tips for moving on a budget!

1. Budget

As we all know, moving costs add up. The best ways to create a ‘moving budget’.  Brainstorm all the things you need to complete the move, from bubble wrap to removal companies. Then start planning your purchases by comparing quotes, taking advantage of sales and promotions and cashing in on favours owed to you by friends and family.

2. De-clutter

You may well groan, but if you want to save some  serious cash, you’re going to need to put some time aside for a hardcore clear out. Go through everything you own and consider whether it really deserves a place in your new house. Be ruthless. Will it end up in the corner of the loft, gathering dust? If so, get rid of it. Give your things to charity, list them on Freecycle, or make a few pounds by selling them online or at a car boot sale.  It stands to reason that the less stuff you have to move, the less you have to pay.

3. DIY Move

If you can manage the move yourself, it’ll save you money. In fact, a handful of family and friends, a hired transit van and a bit of elbow grease could save you thousands. But a self-move only makes sense if you haven’t got too much to transport or you’re only moving a short distance.

If you have a lot of breakables or heavy items, you’re better off leaving it to the experts. Drop your prized 60” LCD in the moving process and you may discover it’s not covered by your insurance, whereas with a removal company, it would be. If you decide to move with a professional, it will be more expensive, but there are still savings to be made.  Get at least three quotes from different companies and don’t hesitate to negotiate on price, especially during the low season (winter).

4. DIY Packing

You can trim your moving costs nicely by packing items yourself, rather than paying movers to do so. But if you go down this route, bear the following in mind:

  • Before purchasing boxes, pack things in suitcases, duffel bags, or large containers that you already have at home. This will minimise waste and cost, and you need to move those things anyway
  • Put heavy items on the bottom of your packing boxes and lighter items on the top, to prevent breakages.
  • Make sure fragile items are protected by wrapping them in towels, blankets, sheets and old newspapers which can eliminate the need for bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts.

5. Reuse Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be reused so ask friends and family that have recently moved for their boxes.

You can also take advantage of Shurgard’s handy starter pack, which contains four small boxes, six standard boxes, three large boxes and one roll of tape – pretty much everything you need to pack up a one bed flat.


6. Relocation Expenses

If you’re relocating for work (i.e for a promotion or new job), your employer may be able to help with your moving costs. Nowadays, many companies offer a variety of relocation services. Some will pay for house hunting trips and shipping costs, or offer assistance with renting out your property and settling you into your new home. The advice here is to make sure you take the time to learn what’s available to you – and use it!

7. Cost efficient storage

The move from one property to another may not always be perfectly timed, so you might need to consider renting a storage unit to store your stuff in between.  Shurgard has a variety of different unit sizes at affordable prices so you can store your stuff without the worry.  Currently we have some storage units for £1 the first month – convenient and cost efficient too.

  1. Thank you for good tips!

  2. Great article with very helpful advises! Last time we moved we did everything alone. We packed our stuff and we moved them. Like that we saved some money by doing it alone instead of hiring a professionals.

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