7 tips to declutter your home

7 tips to declutter your home

Got clutter everywhere? Don’t know where to start? Try our 7 simple tips to reclaim your home.

1. Start small

The thought of de-cluttering can be overwhelming, right? So be nice. Don’t set yourself unachievable goals. Pick up 5 things around the house and find a place for them. Just having the right place for things can really make a difference.

2. Next, pick a room

Bedroom or Bathroom? It’s your choice. It is just so easy to get distracted and end up wandering around aimlessly, so give yourself the target of one room to accomplish. Then when it’s finished you’ll be able to admire the difference you made.

3. Our advice. Buy storage boxes….after

Whilst it is very tempting to go out and buy lots of pretty storage boxes to inspire you to start de-cluttering it is often best to organise first and buy some storage boxes afterwards. That way you know what size and type you will need to keep everything in order.

4. Try a challenge!

How about Oprah Winfrey’s Close Hanger Experiment? Well, the idea didn’t actually come from Oprah but she’s helped to make the method famous. It’s a really good way to work out what you really need to keep! Here’s how:

  • Hang all your clothes with hangers in the reverse direction
  • After you wear an item, return it to the wardrobe with the hanger in the correct direction
  • After 6 months you will easily be able to work out what you really wear and what you don’t.
  • And don’t forget the final step. Clear out the items that you no longer use. Why not take them to a local charity shop and give someone else the opportunity to wear them?

5. Go Paperless

Paper gets shuffled around the house. Bills, statements, letters… and when you need to find the original of your birth certificate for that mortgage application? Nowhere to be found! Why not have a dedicated in-tray for all the paper? A specific place to put all those papers you need to deal with.

And once you’ve dealt with your in-tray, go paperless! Scan in documents and save to the cloud. ONLY keep hold of the originals you really need.

6. Check the dates

Time for some first aid for your medicine cabinet. Cough medicines, pills, lotions all have an expiry date. So, depending on how often you are sick these can often sit unused stashed away in your cupboards. So take the time to check what medicines are still in-date and only keep the ones you can still use.

7. Definitely maybe?

Finding it difficult to make a choice on what to keep? Why not create a “maybe box” so you don’t have to make that ruthless decision straight away. Stick a post-it note to the front with a date to check the contents in 3 months’ time. If you find yourself needing the item, then the choice is made for you. If you don’t….well you know what to do!

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If you need somewhere to keep your “maybe boxes” while you make your decision a storage unit at Shurgard can help you de-clutter temporarily while you make the final decision. With Storage units at Shurgard available for £1 the first month, it’s a great cost-efficient option to help you in the process.

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