7 ways to get crafty with leftover wallpaper

7 ways to get crafty with leftover wallpaper

You have re-decorated your living room and you have some wallpaper leftover? No need to throw it in the bin, on the contrary!

Geometric, floral or striped, here are some simple DIY ideas to re-use your wallpaper leftovers in some lovely home projects:

1. Frame it

You can easily turn wallpaper into an innovative piece of wall art by cutting it up and putting it in a frame. Just think of Warhol!



2. A world map

Let’s take our creativity one step further. It requires some patience and a steady hand, but you can even create a world map if you have various wallpaper leftovers. Both decorative and educational, a perfect idea for your children’s bedroom.

3. Wallpaper stairs

The hallway is such an important area of your home. So why not make a lasting impression and turn your functional staircase into an eye-catching element?


Stripes and patterns will immediately create that feeling of Victorian luxury and extend the space. Feeling more motivated to climb the stairs up and down already?


4. In the spotlight

Are you ready for some innovation? Then you can easily change your old lampshade into a real showpiece. The end result will also look good with a piece of neutral wallpaper.

5. Colourful pots

Even the tiniest cut-offs can be put to good use with some mini projects like these lovely pencil pots. An easy way to brighten up an old tin or jar.


A dust bin, a wooden tray, some clothes hangers … just use your imagination and you’ll see you can re-decorate almost any object.


6. Surprise in your drawer

By decorating the inside of your drawers, you will add some instant colour to these boring drawers. A subtle, but very nice addition to your chest of drawers.

You can even stick wallpaper to the sides of the drawers or on the outside.

7. Wrapping Presents

One of my favorite ways to upcycle wallpaper leftovers! They come in many colours and patterns, making it a classy alternative to ordinary wrapping paper. And the advantage is that it’s more durable than standard wrapping.

As you can see, you can re-decorate almost every piece of furniture or object with wallpaper.

Feeling inspired? Then get creative and put your leftover wallpaper into use to decorate your home!

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