8 Tech Ideas For The Home

8 Tech Ideas For The Home

Tech enabled homes are more accessible nowadays.  From single gadgets which make daily life a little easier to fully connected tech palaces, there is a lot of choice.

With so much options, where do you start?  To help you decide, here are our top 8 gadgets which make home life easier and smarter.

1. Ring Video Doorbell 2

This smart doorbell has a camera which lets you see who is at the door – whether you are at home or not! The app also enables you to talk to visitors – so you could ask a delivery driver to leave your parcel in your porch or with a neighbour.

For security you can also get mobile alerts when someone comes to your door.  A Ring Doorbell will let you keep an eye on your home, ever if you aren’t there.

2. Amazon Echo Studio

A smart home hub is also a key piece of kit.  The one you choose will depend if you are Apple vs. Goggle, but if you are looking for an affordable gadget that also has impressive speaker quality – Amazon Echo Studio is for you.

This is a smart and powerful Dolby speaker that can do anything Alexa can do: read you audiobooks, check the weather, purchase via voice command and connects to other smart devices.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat E

Want to heat your home, before you even step inside? A smart thermostat can do that.  And a great choice is the Nest Learning Thermostat E.

Unlike other products, the Nest E can be self-installed – a Heat Link which you wall mount, and a thermostat which is placed elsewhere. Then the clever little thing gradually learns about your habits and preferred heating schedule – keeping you warm and helping to save money on electricity bills.

4. Phillips Hue

Want smart Lighting? Phillips Hue is the best-known brand to automate the ambience in your home.  With a range of white or colour LEDs you can create pre-set moods which are all controlled via a simple app (or a voice command to your virtual assistant!)

5. iRobot Roomba i7+

There’s even a smart way to hoover.  A robot vacuum makes easy work of household dirt and dust and iRobot are the original players in this area.

The iRobot Roomba i7+ creates maps of your rooms.  You can then set cleaning schedules and tell it which room to clean via the app (or your virtual assistant again).  This clever little bot is also bagless and it empties itself into a big dirt bag in the charging dock.  You’ll only need to empty that every few weeks.  Worth every penny in my book!

6. IKEA Oddlaug sound-absorbing panels

This isn’t so much tech, but more home-smart.  Ikea’s modular sound absorbing panels are brilliant at creating soundproof walls anywhere in your home.

Hang it up and join it together wherever you need.  Use it to shield your ears from your child’s eclectic taste in music, or to reduce the whir of outside life!

7. IKEA Symfonisk Table Lamp

Ikea really has gone smart and sophisticated! They have collaborated with Sonos to produce beautiful table lamps that incorporate powerful speakers – all in one place.

Turn on the lights and turn up your music.  With this cool looking lamp & speaker combo you have less power cables to deal with, so everything is kept neat and sleek.

8. Google Nest Protect

A smart fire alarm is our final recommendation for home tech.  Google Nest Protect has some essential features to keep you safe.

This alarm detects both smoke and carbon monoxide; an alarm will sound, tell you in which room and the alert level.  Simple and easy when you need to make quick decisions.

There are lots of other useful features too. It glows green to show that it is still working. We also like ‘Pathlight’. When you walk past the Nest Protect in a dark room your Nest will emit a soft glow. After 10 seconds it will turn off. Useful if you need to get up in the night!


What is your top tech for the home?

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