How to outwit the winter blues – 5 ways to create that cozy winter feeling

How to outwit the winter blues – 5 ways to create that cozy winter feeling

Winter is our least favorite season of the year, full stop!
It doesn’t have to be so though. Winter can be made much more comfortable, even cozy and snugly, if you are well prepared for it.

The list below will give some ideas to get you mentally ready for these cold and dark winter months ahead of you.

1. Give your home a makeover

Why not? Winter doesn’t have to be grey and dark. Give your interior a boost with some new luxurious curtains in a rich hue. Velvet curtains can be a good choice for winter as they add extra insulation to your home.

Don’t forget to coordinate the cushions and throws as well. If you have the budget, why not get a cozy velvety sofa where everyone can curl up in to watch TV?

Changing your interior according to the season can really uplift your mood and is perfectly possible. You can easily store your summer sofa at Shurgard and swap furniture whenever you want.

2. Bring out those warmer throws and blankets

It’s much nicer to curl up in those luxurious wool throws than the light ones for the summer. For warm throws without the extra weight, look for those that are made of microfiber polyester – they are not only budget friendly but also easy to care for.

If money is no object, then why not splurge on a wool knitted throw? They’ll not only add texture to your room, but a good dose of warmth as well when temperatures won’t climb above freezing.

3. Get your warm, chic winter outfits ready

You surely won’t be needing those sandals and flowery tank tops for the next few months. So why not put them away and take out those chic winter coats and accessories?

This is the time to assess what you have and to make a shopping list for the things you might need for the new season. Also check also if your children still fit into their winter clothes and shoes. Otherwise you should add that to your shopping list too.

If you haven’t sorted your clothes for a while, make sure to look into our previous post “Declutter your wardrobe in 5 easy steps” as well.

4. Extra light into your home

Winter doesn’t have to be cold and dark. A good way to lift your mood is to ensure that your home is always bright.

Low hanging or floor lamps will add light where you most need it. Use warm colour bulbs for a cozy effect.

Just a personal advice, get LED light bulbs wherever possible. They are the most energy efficient and the most durable. Investing in LED lighting will save you money in the long run.

5. Add green

When there are virtually no green leaves outside, why not bring some green inside instead?

A bit of leafy green works wonders on your mood, brightens up your home and makes you feel better by filtering the toxins from your house, and releasing oxygen.
I especially love these fiddle fig leaf trees, but they can be hard to come by – and if you do find them, they can be expensive. If you don’t have green fingers, it’s probably best to go for something that doesn’t require too much care.

And finally, get ready to bring out the fun stuff : check out your ski boots, jacket, googles, gloves… make sure everything still fits and functions and as soon as the snow hits. Let’s get out and have some fun!

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