A Tidy & Inspiring Home Office

A Tidy & Inspiring Home Office

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 lockdown has taught us, it how be productive while staying home.

Try these 5 ideas for a tidy and inspiring home office.

1. Storage Files

Everything needs a home. Invest in storage box files, folders and boxes that can contain any paperwork or materials you have. Bonus if they look pretty too!

Label everything clearly so you can quickly locate what you need.

2. Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

A desk tidy is a must-have. Simple yet functional it provides a home for all the stationary that lives on your desk.

This budget-friendly IKEA option has various sized compartments that will fit all your bits and pieces. Plus, it looks smart and fresh too.


3. Peg Board

Peg boards are awesome. Versatile, functional and they look cool too. You can add hooks, baskets and shelves to make it bespoke. Hang it next to your home office workspace so everything is within easy reach.

Thanks again to Ikea for this cool peg board.


4. Shelving

If a peg board isn’t your thing – go for modular shelves. You can create the storage space you need to fit the area you have. Tailor-made for your home office.

Open shelves are ideal so you can quickly access your work documents throughout your day.

5. Inspired walls

Need some inspiration? Look no further than your walls! Get creative with your home office wall space by adding some art or slogan prints.

Etsy and Iamfy have a huge catalogue of affordable and unique pieces which will add personality and style to your home office space.


6. Desk Friend

Get yourself a desk vacuum! These little handheld vacuums are perfect for sprucing up your desk space and cleaning your computer when needed.

Plus, they look like a cute decoration when not in-use.


7. Clear Up and Store It

Always spend 5 minutes at the end of each day to clear and organise your desk ready for the morning. Shutting down and packing up your work for the day will help transition you from work to home.

If you find your home office space is overflowing with material and paperwork, you need to sort it to prevent it becoming a distraction.

Set aside a storage box and fill it throughout the day with items you have completed, surplus materials, or projects you need to file away. On our website you can book a storage unit online. No need to go to the shop for your move-in process.

Do you have any suggestions for a tidy and inspiring home office?

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