Add some sparkle to your home

Add some sparkle to your home

On these cold wintry days, one of our guilty pleasures is sitting on the sofa on a Saturday night, wearing our pyjamas, and watching a bit of Strictly Come Dancing.

Which got us thinking about how we can bring a little Strictly into our homes. Why not get crafty and create some sparkle?

Here are our top 5 DIY glamour tricks :

1. Sequins please!

Strictly wouldn’t be complete without some sequins cha-cha-cha-ing. But how about jazzing up some old cushion covers with some sequin magic?

  • Use an existing cushion and take the cover off. Add some fabric glue and stick whatever shape you want.
  • Leave to dry before putting the cover back on. That’s it!

We love this geometric design from sequins – geo prints are big this season!

2. A bit of glitter glamour

Add some sparkle to your house with DIY glitter vases. You can use them for a table centre piece or just to have on your shelf with some cut flowers. All you need are vases, glue, glitter … and your imagination!

  • Place a tray on a solid surface. This will make it much easier to clean up – glitter will get everywhere!
  • Take your vases and create your design with the glue. Add the glitter to your glue to get the best precision. Add more glitter! And then leave to dry.

Glittery perfection!

3. Shine Bright like a Glitter Ball

Pretty and so easy! These shiny balls are our take on the Strictly glitterball trophy, and they are perfect for Christmas.

The polystyrene balls can be bought from Hobbycraft, or you can find them on most online retailers.

Then add your pin tacks. That’s it. You don’t even need a step by step guide! They shine the light and look fab (but keep them away from little ones!)

4. Feathery fun

We love the grace of the American Smooth as the dancers glide across the floor. Full dresses flowing and feathery trims fluttering.

Pretty plumes aren’t just for stunning ballroom dresses though, they make great home décor too. So, how about creating one of these feather garlands?

  • First, you’ll need feathers. You can either see what feathers you can find, buy them from your local craft store, or make your own using paper and card.
  • Get some twine, coloured ribbon or string and tie a knot at the end of each feather. You can add your own touches with additional glitter, or colours. A fantastic way to make a feature with feathers!

5. The Fringe Effect

Fringes looks fab when bouncing around during the jive! So, why not add a touch of swish to your lighting?

You’ll need 3 hoops or embroidery rings, some string and your fringe ribbon.

  • Stack the rings inside each other and cut 3 long pieces of string or ribbon.
  • Mark each ring 3 times, in even spaces and tie 3 knots on each ring where you have made your mark.
  • Do this on all 3 rings, with the string in a line. Then tie the loose ends all together at the top.
  • Add some glue to the edge of the ribbon and stick your fringe ribbon around the ring.

Voila! The picture graphic makes it much easier to do.

pic 5

DIY craft is a whole load of fun. The only difficult part is to prevent all the materials from taking over the house.

A storage unit can be useful to keep all those boxes of sequins and glitter tidied away, but easily accessible for when you get the creative urge.

No matter if you are a part-time crafter, or it’s your full-time gig, using a unit to keep your home clutter-free is a great idea so you can focus on your creations!

What’s your hobby? Let us know your top craft tips.

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