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Claudio’s story: what to do when you’re in between houses?

Claudio’s story: what to do when you’re in between houses?

There are so many situations in which self-storage can come in handy. Want to know more? Read on!

Over the next five weeks, some of our customers will be sharing their personal storage experiences with us.


Our first customer is Claudio. He is the lead singer of a salsa band and wanted to move from a spacious apartment into a house in the city.

The problem?

Finding the perfect house wasn’t a walk in the park, as it turned out. And Claudio realised he needed a place to store his belongings while he’s in between homes.

The solution?


One of his friends recommended Shurgard, so he checked us out. His first impression was positive. He liked that the manager was friendly and helpful.

As Claudio wanted to store all his furniture, his carpets, washing machine, refrigerator and bed… the on-site manager recommended a 90 square feet storage unit. Then she accompanied Claudio to his storage unit and helped him complete the paper work.

Even though it was busy at the store, the manager made time to talk to Claudio and gave him practical advice, like on how you can make the best use of your storage space by stacking efficiently.

Claudio also enjoys the pleasant conversations with the other tenants in the walkways of the building. So as far as he’s concerned, Shurgard is highly recommended!

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