Back to School Tips That Will Last All Year!

Back to School Tips That Will Last All Year!

Back to school can be a stressful time – for kids and adults too! With a bit of forward planning and organisation you can start off on the right foot and laydown the foundations for an organised year ahead.

Invest now, and you’ll be pleased everything is in the right place when you’re trying to herd kids (and yourself) off to school and work in the early mornings.

Start right, start bright. Here’s our Back to School organisation tips that will last all year!

Hallway Organisation

Kids get back from school. Shoes are kicked off, bags dropped yet… yep, hallways quickly become a dumping zone!

Having a well laid out hallway or porch with storage options is a great idea for creating order and minimising stress in the mornings.

Cubby holes with pull out storage baskets are a brilliant idea. Every person can take their own basket, pop in their stuff, and push it back in. Your entranceway looks sleek and tidy, and everyone knows where to find their school shoes and bags the next morning.

Homework HQ

Having a dedicated space for homework is essential for kids to be able to sit and focus, rather than be distracted by games and toys.

Starting the year with the space in place creates good habits that should last all term. Clear an area in a dining room, kitchen, lounge or corner of a bedroom.

All you’ll need is a place for a chair and table. Keep a box nearby full of the supplies (pens, paper, ruler, calculator…). A calm and neat place where homework gets done!

Breakfast (and Lunch!) Club

Trying to figure out what to make every morning for breakfast and school lunch can be a challenge. Why not keep all relevant items together so you can easily pick and choose what you need?

Use plastic trays or baskets to keep crisps and crackers, dried fruit and juice boxes together in your cupboard.

Place a box in the fridge – one for all sandwich fillers and one for breakfast items. Pull it out and everything you need will be in one place. No more desperate rummaging!

Calendar Girls and Boys

Create an online calendar for your children and fill it in as soon as possible – and as far in advance as possible!

This will ensure you are aware of any upcoming important dates – school concerts, trips or parents’ evenings. Share with all relevant members of the family. This will help to avoid any clashes with your own social or work calendars.

Fantastic Filing

Another great tip is to have a dedicated place to put all school related items – passes, paperwork, passport photos etc.

A box file, or a pretty storage box are good options. Label the front of the box and store on a shelf in your kitchen or lounge. An effortless way to find what you need.

Having a fantastic filing system means less stress when dealing with a last-minute school trip request!

Timed Intervals

If you have hectic mornings – multiple kids going to school, plus parents off to work – a useful tip is to use an alarm clock. Not just for waking you up in the morning, but for reminders during the getting ready process.

For example, set a timer for 10 minutes before you need to leave the house. Use it as a signal for everyone to start getting their coats and shoes on.

Display the Routine

Kids (and you) need routine. Having that routine on display will facilitate it happening! Use an illustrated version for little kids, or have older kids create it and decorate one themselves. Place it on a fridge or wall for everyone to see.

This visual guide will help everyone know what they need to do each morning and evening – and in what order. You are likely to have an easier school morning or bedtime if everyone is on the same page!

School Uniform Sort Out

Be sure to check what you need to buy well ahead of the school year.

Kids grow so quickly obviously but there will be some stuff you can keep hold of. Then make a list for everything else. Opt for stain resistant and non-iron items to make life a little bit easier!

This is also a fantastic opportunity to clear out your kid’s wardrobe for the season ahead. Chuck or donate items which no longer fit, but still have some life left in them.

Think about storing out of season clothes in a storage unit so there’s more space in the wardrobe, and less clutter in your kid’s room. Less stuff = less stress (washing)!

Having a few processes in place ahead of the school year will definitely pay off in the long run. Everyone in the house will feel calm, which will help the kids start off the school day on the right foot.

Have you got anymore Back to School tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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