Bedroom facts : optimizing your sleep environment

Bedroom facts : optimizing your sleep environment

Sometimes we have difficulties falling asleep or getting up in time to get to work, whereas a good night sleep is essential to function well during the day.

According to a recent sleeping survey (Royal Society for Public Health), Britons are missing out on one hour’s sleep every night, which corresponds to an entire night’s sleep over the course of a week.

How can we optimize our sleep environment?
We’ve done some research and listed up the most important FACTS & helpful TIPS :

Develop a sleep schedule


Our body likes structure, especially when it comes to sleep. So it’s best to stick to a certain schedule, also during the weekend.

If you can’t catch sleep after twenty minutes, it’s best to get up and do something else – preferably in another room – and return to bed when you feel tired.

Clear your head

When we make our way to bed, daily routines should be over. Switch off television, the internet and social media.

Before bedtime it’s good to find activities that calm you down, such as taking a warm bath or reading a relaxing magazine. But also the way your bedroom is structured matters … so let’s also evaluate our bedroom!

Bedding & temperature


We should regularly replace our sheets and make sure our mattress is adapted to our body. It goes without saying, but comfortable and hygienic bedding will increase sleep quality.

When the temperature in the bedroom is right, your body won’t have to put energy into heating or cooling.

It’s also important to regularly ventilate the room. Let some morning light and air in – it’s your body’s signal that the day is about to begin!

Cozy, relaxing and spacious

In a bedroom there are a lot of things to store : a bed, clothes, bedding, a night table, bedside lamps and so on. Living small? Luckily this shouldn’t mean that your bedroom cannot be a soothing paradise.

Under your bed, there is actually enough space to store e.g. your bedding in drawers.


Another perfect solution to create more space for storage is to sleep in a loft bed. They do not only provide extra space for storage, but also warmth and coziness.


If you are a bookworm or a true collector, we advise you to opt for closets or shelves as high as the ceiling. Just make use of the height of your bedroom to put away things you don’t regularly need.


Shurgard also offers self-storage solutions at low prices, surely there’s a store near you.

Finally our conclusion is that having a good night’s sleep depends on several factors, not all in our power to change. Good news is that many things can be done to improve sleep. Most of them are common sense, but life is busy so make time to think about them!

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