Bonfire Night Sparkle at Home

Bonfire Night Sparkle at Home

Do you want to do Bonfire Night at home this year? You can certainly have a sparkling result with these helpful tips.

Remember, remember…. Safety first!

If you are planning a firework display at home, then make sure you do so safely. Read this government guidance first which includes tips on how to store fireworks, light them correctly and keep your guests safe.

In addition, think about children and pets. Little ones should wear ear muffs or ear defenders. Pets should be kept indoors – preferable behind closed curtains with music or TV on to drown out the whizz and bangs.

Creating A Fire

A fire is a must of course! If you have the space you can create a real bonfire, but for most of us we will need to opt for something smaller. That could be logs in a BBQ or use a chimenea, pizza oven or fire pit.

Top Tip: Get smokeless logs which are great for small spaces and kids!

Must-have Marshmallows

Once you’ve got your fire up and running – it is all about toasting marshmallows!! Spike your ‘mallows onto a long skewer and toast in the flames.  Remember to let it cool a little before you enjoy the goey-ness though!

Sparkle Time

Sparkles = Bonfire Night in my book! So pretty – but still take precautions. Make sure children are wearing gloves before handling a sparkler and keep a bucket of water near by,  just in case.

Did Someone Say Mulled Cider?!

Yes please! A lovely cup of mulled cider will warm you up on a chilly night. Made with Cider and Apple Juice mixed with orange zest, cloves and cinnamon, this is a tasty treat. The warm liquid mixed with spices will make you feel cosy!

Light up your garden

If you are not opting for real fireworks, you can still create a beautiful light display with some pretty lights in your garden.

String up lanterns or bulbs within your trees and bushes to create a magical space.

You can also use stake lights in a variety of patterns and styles to get a unique look. These from The Range give a great Bonfire Night effect!

Are you ready for Bonfire Night? How are you planning to celebrate?
Let us know in the comments below.

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