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Build a walk-in wardrobe from your existing bedroom

Build a walk-in wardrobe from your existing bedroom

Isn’t it every woman’s dream to own a home with a walk-in wardrobe? The common thinking is you need an extra room to build your walk-in, but we’ll show you that’s not really necessary!

It’s true, you can build a walk-in from your existing bedroom. All you need is a room that is a couple of metres bigger than the size of your bed and something to divide the room.


To see if this idea will work for you, go for a less permanent solution first. Simply use a curtain as a room divider, the headboard of your bed can rest against the curtain on one side and your walk-in will be on the other.


Instead of installing a wardrobe, you can also use some clothes racks, or install some shelving units on the wall. For a très chic look and feel, add a small seating in your “walk-in”. It’s important that you coordinate the colors of the curtain, the seating and the rack. Adding some framed fashion photographs for a final polished touch.


If you’re proud of your clothes, why not use a semi-transparent glass as a room divider. It will bring natural light into your walk-in while giving it a minimalistic, modern feel.


If your bedroom happens to have a sloping roof, you can use a room divider to turn that dead space into a useful walk-in space. This also helps to make the sleeping part of your bedroom less cluttered and promotes tranquility in your resting space.

Finally, Ikea created this video to show you how you can build your own walk-in wardrobe using a wardrobe itself as a room divider. Even better, you can do this in half a day!

Isn’t this idea cool? What if you have a sizeable bedroom which is cluttered with stuff that you don’t need everyday? Why not move the stuff somewhere else, to another room or to a storage unit, so you can fulfill your walk-in wardrobe dream?

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