Bring Wood Back to Life!

Bring Wood Back to Life!

Wood accents are popular in interior design right now.
And good wood furniture can last a lifetime. But neglected wood is not good. It can quickly lose its shine and lustre and all you can see are water rings and dents.

Fear not, it is possible to reclaim your wood without forking out on a professional restoration.

Here’s how to give a bit of TLC to your wood pieces.

Good Clean

The starting point is always to clean the items thoroughly. Dust with a soft cloth to remove any surface dirt or debris.

Then apply a cleaner. Avoid standard commercial cleaners as this will damage the wood. Stick to wood specific products.

Different wood finishes will require different attention, but the best rule is to use the mildest cleaning solution first.

Soap and water are a great place to start. Gently rub with a damp cloth. Then follow with a dry cloth to avoid leaving any residue.

Mayo to the Rescue

Unsightly water marks? This little hack uses items you’ve already got!

Simply smear some mayo onto the water rings – then leave for half hour or so. The mayonnaise will absorb the excess water and remove the stain. Amazing!

Run out of Mayo? Toothpaste would work too.

Nutty Ideas

Small table scratches can be erased using natural products.

For darker woods dip a cotton bud in moist coffee granules and rub into the scratch. Leave for approx. 10 minutes, before buffing away with a soft cloth.

For lighter furniture, crack open a walnut and use the nut to rub over the scratches. Crazy, but true!

Shine On

Use natural oils to bring the shine back. Coconut oil is fab! It doesn’t just smell good, it rehydrates brittle wood too.

Another home-made option is olive oil and vinegar. Mix ¼ cup of each and apply with a soft cloth.

The oils will penetrate the wood and make it look like new.

Paint Job

And finally paint will give old wood a new dimension.
Use a bright colour for a standout piece, or paint and sandpaper for a shabby chich feel.

Simple and quick – your furniture will become a whole new item!

What clever tricks can you share to bring wood back to life? Let us know!

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