Bringing autumn into your home

Bringing autumn into your home

No doubt about it, autumn has begun. It’s much colder and it has been raining a lot lately! Suddenly, that new season has taken us by surprise …

The feeling is always a bit double. On the one hand, we don’t want to say goodbye to the summer yet, but on the other hand, we long for those cozy dark days, cocooning on the couch with some candles and soft throws.

Celebrating autumn

Although most of us absolutely don’t like the rain, we must admit that the colourful leaves on the trees, the sun occasionally popping up … it’s autumn in all its beauty!

In order to get in the autumn mood, you can go to the garden center and decorate your home with some indoor plants or flowers for the season.



Plants can be very fascinating, small (or large) pieces of art even. When you look closely at the leaves of a plant, you will see so many beautiful details, colours and patterns.

Less is more

You can also put some potted flowers or small plants under a cloche. Small indoor plants will make your interior design not only green and beautiful, but will create a healthy atmosphere.

The popularity of terrariums and glass cloches makes it easier than ever to have greenery indoors without requiring a lot of care and upkeep.

Autumn on your balcony or terrace

You can go for outdoor decoration as well. A table set up on your balcony or beside your front door is ideal. You can follow the changes of the season and consider it as a nature table.

Old painted metal garden furniture and rustic baskets in accent colours are perfect for this natural display. On pinterest you can find some inspirational DIY ideas to create your own outdoor decoration in which plants play a major role.

A retreat from the outside world

Now the days are getting shorter, it’s important to create comfort and warmth in your autumn living room.

Gather some sofas and armchairs around the fireplace and add texture with soft throws or cushions. Make the room as relaxed and comfortable as possible and celebrate autumn in style! Any tips yourself? Please share!

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