Carving a future from the kitchen table – Top businesses to start from home

Carving a future from the kitchen table – Top businesses to start from home

Setting up a business from home can be a lucrative way of turning a passion into profit. With no office rent and no time wasted commuting, there are certainly perks to working from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of our favourite entrepreneurial endeavours that you could start from home. We could get used to a few of these…



Love whipping up a cake? Why not build a small client base and offer your services to family, friends, colleagues and local event organisers? Be prepared for the never-ending layer of icing sugar and be sure to watch out for little ones licking the bowl.

Illustration and Card Making


If your notepad creations turn heads, try your hand at making cards. Start by sending them for every occasion, to draw attention to your skills, then offer your services to create bespoke designs for friends and family.

Flower Arranging


A bouquet of flowers never fails to make someone’s day. If you are inspired by colours and smells and have an eye for presentation, starting a home-grown floristry business could be your root to success.

Dog Walking


Are you barking mad? Walking dogs is a legit business. Becoming a professional dog walker can be the perfect alternative to the office 9-5. Dog owners are always on the hunt for trustworthy people to look after their dogs, especially in London.

Bed and Breakfast

If you provide top-notch hospitality and have some extra room at home, why not set up a B&B? Think about giving your guest rooms a fresh lick of paint and dedicate some time to perfecting the art of the perfectly poached egg.

Personal tutoring

Teaching hours are long and demanding, tough when you have little ones at home. Personal tutoring makes it easier to strike a balance between work and family life. Set aside some time to create an interesting and inspiring learning space for your students.  You can advertise locally, or register with an agency like Personal Tutors.

Organisation is key to successfully starting a new business from home. Ensure you have enough space for everything; when your house needs to double up as a work-space, things can become cluttered and disorganised, never a recipe for success. Consider using self storage to clear space and keep personal items safe. Shurgard offers affordable and accessible storage, giving you more space to keep stock, entertain visitors or just get creative in.

For more tips and advice on how to set up your own business from scratch, visit GOV.UK to explore government schemes and funding.

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