Christiane’s story: where to store a loved one’s belongings?

Christiane’s story: where to store a loved one’s belongings?

When you are going through life’s ups and downs, you’d be surprised how much self-storage can help.

Meet Christiane and her family and find out why she stores her belongings at Shurgard.


Christiane is a mum and a former teacher. She used to live with her family at her parents’ house to take care of her sick mother.


When her mother died, Christiane sold the parental house and had to empty the entire place in a short period of time.

She didn’t want to get rid of things permanently, but she was lacking space in her new home.


Christiane found the ideal solution just down the road!


She rented a 150 square feet storage unit at the nearby Shurgard location, where she mainly stores furniture, books, and hanging lamps.

The box is dry, secure and permanently accessible, so all her belongings are stored under ideal circumstances.

Christiane didn’t even have to rent a moving car. She and her family put the entire contents of the house in storage themselves. They did a great job and did it so fast!

Today Christiane and her family still regularly pass by to drop off some items and each month they pay the invoice at the reception of the store. Whenever she walks in, the staff greets her by name and asks her how the family’s doing.

After 13 years she still gets the same great customer service. Find out more on how Shurgard can help.

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