Create Your Own Window Decoration

Create Your Own Window Decoration

Window decorations have double aspects – they add beauty to the inside but can add interest from the outside too.

They also don’t have to cost too much – everything can easily be done with a bit of time and creativity! To get the juices flowing, we’ve had a round up of our favourite DIY window decorations.

Hanging Vases

Suspend some pretty vases from the ceiling and these will look super pretty inside and out.

You can use any petite vase or vessel you like. These unique ones use re-purposed lightbulbs, with some twine around the stem and some string to suspend from the top.

Add some water and a delightful bunch of flowers and you’ve created a stunning visual display.

Window Garden

By default, a window sill is a perfect space for light loving plants – so turn your window sill into an indoor garden.

Arrange a variety of decorative pots and dishes and an array of flowers and plants to create a simple indoor garden.  Add something aromatic for an added sensory element.

Candle Light Delight

Alternatively add some candles to your window sill for a romantic touch.

Use candles of different heights and sizes to add visual appeal and use scented candles for an added sensory bonus. Light them as the evenings draw in for a delightful evening glow.

Starry Windows

Suspend 3D objects, like paper lanterns and star lights from ceilings near windows and you’ll instantly add some decorative drama to a window.

3D Flowers

This one is only a one-way affect, but it is oh-so pretty! You can make 3D paper flowers by following some online tutorials or buy new from Hobbycraft and Etsy.

We love these large bold flowers that really add contrast to the rest of the room. Bigger definitely looks better!

Paper Cone Waterfalls

Alternatively, you can make your own 3D hanging waterfalls.

These are super simple, made from pieces of string and rolled pieces of paper like party hats. You can also cut out flowers, stars, or pom poms for your own creative twist.

Window Stickers

A sleek (and temporary) way to add intrigue to a window is to apply some window stickers.

You can buy different shapes, patterns, images and even inspirational quotes to apply directly to your window. They are easy to place, and easy to peel off – so let go, and make your own bold statement.

Seasonal Windows

Ok, this might be a little prematurely festive – but the idea can work to embrace any season or holiday period.

Use sticks of rock in the summer, eggs during Easter, candy canes at winter! Get creative and use your favourite sweet as a window temptation. Just don’t tell Hansel and Gretel!

Paper Chains

How about making paper chains? One of the most basic of decorative elements but can look pretty cool when you add your own flair.

Being a book worm, I love these. Use second hand books that have reached the end of their life, and a heart shape hole punch to create these whimsical book paper chains.

Have you been inspired to create you down window display? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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