Creating More Kitchen Storage

Creating More Kitchen Storage

Regardless of how big your kitchen is, it can become cluttered really easily.

With pots and pans, kitchen gadgets, cutlery and, of course, food, it is often difficult to find the space to fit in everything you need.

But fret no-more! There are plenty of ways to be better organised, and find space in places you probably hadn’t considered. Check out some of these kitchen storage ideas.

Shelves on a backsplash


Putting shelves in un-used spaces is the best way to add more storage to your kitchen.

The backsplash of your oven is a perfect example of an area that isn’t often used, but could instantly provide you with somewhere to put pots and pans.

Mugs on hooks


Everyone needs to have a few mugs! The problem is they take up space, particularly when they are precariously stacked on each other in cupboards.

A hook rack is a much neater way to tidy away your cups. Even better, if you put your hooks in under-used areas, you get a double win. Organised, and out of the way!

Inside Cupboard Racks


Another area that is often overlooked, but could be very useful, is the inside of cupboard doors. Adding some hooks, shelves or poles could give you another invaluable storage space for pan lids, rolls of tin foil or chopping boards.

Magnetic knives


This one is super simple and looks stylishly professional too. Adding a magnetic strip to any available wall in your kitchen makes an effortless option for metal cutlery storage.

Drawer dividers


Adding a divider to a drawer makes it much easier to organise your kitchen utensils. Such a small idea, but much better than fumbling through all your bits and pieces!

Wire Plate Racks


Kitchens often have stacks of plates, but it can then be tricky to remove a specific one when you need it.

Wire racks are an ideal way to keep them neat and tidy, and conveniently positioned so you can grab the right plate without toppling over a pile!

Storage boxes

And finally, you can’t go wrong by using storage boxes or jars to bring order to a kitchen.



Stack them up and label them clearly so you can quickly find the ingredient or item you need. Keep it sleek with white and blackboard chalk, or jazz them up with co-ordinating colours. Looks good and efficient too!

They key is to use any practical space in your kitchen to be organised and tidy. But if you need additional storage space, the experts at Shurgard can provide affordable storage units.

Let us know your top storage tips in the comments below!

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