Creating Your Own Balcony Oasis

Creating Your Own Balcony Oasis

A balcony is a terrific opportunity to extend your home into the outdoors and create your own little oasis.

While balconies are often small, there are some genius ways to create the perfect outdoor haven. Here’s our guide to making the most of your balcony.

Tidy up

First – clean up your balcony! These outdoor spaces often become home to bikes or sports equipment, and don’t leave room for anything else. So, clear out the clutter.

If you are running low on space, consider a storage facility like Shurgard – a convenient way to keep your stuff nearby, and your home clutter-free.

Design it

Think about how you want to use your outdoor space. Herb garden? Lounging area? Garden? Small spaces need to work efficiently, so think about its use before you start.

Sketch a little plan beforehand to help you find the best design. Our favourite idea is creating a little spot to drink our morning coffee (and evening glass of wine!).

Pick a palette

Too many colours or styles can overwhelm a small space, so stick to a theme.

3 colours maximum is a good guide to create interest and variety without looking messy. Give the walls and railings a lick of paint before you start too. Everything will look fresh and smart.

Functional Furniture

Space is limited, so smart choices are essential when choosing furniture.

For the very small balcony, use folding chairs and tables which can be stowed away when not in use. Or a hammock – beach style lounging that can be packed away.

If you’ve got more room, multi-functional furniture is a must. A storage bench can be a neat place to stow your cushions!

Indoors, outdoors

Think of your balcony as an extension to your home and create a comfy corner.

Be sure to buy waterproof cushions and throws so you can create the perfect lounging area, without the weather spoiling your fun.

Perfect Plants

A display of plants and flowers will soften your balcony and make it a cosy place to be. A great option is to have a base of evergreen plants, so you get a year-round look.

For the rest, mix in seasonal varieties. Think about the direction of your balcony too – will it be a sun-trap or mostly in the shade? Pick your plants accordingly!

Use walls, shelves and balcony planters to get the most out of the space.

Room with a view?

What’s the view from your balcony? Depending on how overlooked the balcony is, or what you are looking at, you may want to consider drapes. They are a cool decorative feature as well as providing excellent shade or privacy.

Light fantastic

And finally, think about how to light your balcony. It won’t need bright lights, but some ambient lighting can create the perfect after-dinner chill out area.

Strings of LED lights are a great option. Small, eco-friendly and look delightful at night. Add a few candles in lanterns and your balcony oasis is complete. Relax and enjoy.

Have you got a balcony? Share your best ideas for transforming your outdoor space.

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