Decorations… be gone!

Decorations… be gone!

We get it. The bubble of Christmas and New Year has passed. No more turkey sandwiches for breakfast… it is back to reality.

That includes turning your Santa’s Grotto lounge back into a functioning living room. And to avoid bad luck – those decorations should be removed by Twelfth Night.

So… when is Twelfth Night?

Put simply it is the 12th Night after Christmas (marking the eve of Epiphany).

The actual date, however, has been widely debated.
5th or 6th January? Depends if you start the count on – or the day after – 25th December of course.

In the UK, both are accepted. So, to be sure to avoid the bad luck – do it today!

But what to do with it all?

Christmas Decorations easily get tangled and broken. So, to ensure everything is shiny and bright for Xmas 2020, use these quick tips:

Fairy Lights

Remove any damaged or broken lights. For the rest, simply wrap the cord around cardboard to prevent the wires from tangling.

Baubles & Ornaments

Place smaller shapes neatly inside egg boxes, this will keep them well protected. Larger objects can be placed together into clear plastic bags. Then place inside plastic storage boxes to avoid damage.


Store inside water bottles. Beaded Garlands will quickly get tangled – so place inside water bottles to keep them sorted and well-strung.

Xmas Linens

Wash and dry all tablecloths and Xmas blankets first, ready for storage. Fold and pack away into a cotton bag. This will protect everything from dust and bugs – but allows moisture to escape.

Fake Xmas Trees

The original box for your Xmas tree has probably fallen apart by now! Time to invest in an Xmas tree storage bag to ensure that your tree is well preserved for Xmas 2020. Makes it easier to move around too!

Xmas Wreaths

These can be tricky to store as they are large and delicate. Your best option is a large plastic box that it can snuggly fit in. This will prevent it getting bent out of shape over the year.

A good idea is to leave one corner open so air can circulate and prevent mould.

Once your Christmas decorations are boxed up, you’ll need to find a cool, dry space to keep them for next year.

If cupboard space is tight – a storage unit is an excellent way to keep everything neat and tidy, and out of the house. That means you can reclaim your home. The perfect clutter-free and calm start to 2020!

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