DIY Jewellery Storage

DIY Jewellery Storage

Tangled necklaces are impractical and unsightly.
Endlessly searching for matching earrings is annoying. There is a better way!

Creating a proper place to store your jewellery is an essential part of preserving your jewels, as well as displaying (read: finding) what you have!

It doesn’t need to cost a lot, you can easily create an attractive place for your jewellery using everyday pieces. Everything will have its storage space, ready for the next wear.

Here’s 3 DIY options to get you started.

Necklace Hanger

What you’ll need :

  • Wooden coat hanger
  • Hooks
  • Screw driver

This is super simple. Mark even-spaced holes along the underside of the hanger, then screw in the metal hooks until they are firmly in place.

You could paint the hanger for an extra special touch.

Hang it up – and make a statement when you are not even wearing your necklaces.

Earrings in the Frame

What you’ll need :

  • Decorative picture frame
  • Strips of lace
  • Glue or nail gun

Find an empty picture or mirror frame – it can be ornate, colourful, shabby chic. Whatever matches your taste and décor.

Stretch the lace across the frame and secure in place at the back with tacks or super glue. And you’re ready to go!
The lace makes an attractive place to hook and display your earrings.

Hang up the frame in your bedroom or bathroom and it will double as a decorative feature too.

Bottle Bangles

This option doesn’t require any effort at all! Used beer or wine bottles make the perfect display rack for your collection of bracelets, bangles and bands.

Place the bottles on your dressing table or display in a frame and hoopla your bracelets on. Your bangles will be effortless ordered and ready for wear. Cheers to that!

Where do you keep your jewellery? Let us know your best storage solution for accessories.

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