Enjoy a Staycation this Summer

Enjoy a Staycation this Summer

How many of us would’t wish they could escape the hustle and bustle of everyday lives for a week of fun somewhere far, far away?

Unfortunately, a traditional vacation might not be on the cards this year.

But don’t let this stop you from enjoying a well-earned break. A true staycation is so much more than just a week at home, it is an intention of fun and relaxation for the whole family!

Here’s our top tips for a successful staycation:

Stick to the rules

It does take a little effort to do it right as it can be so easy to slip into the everyday routine. If you set out a few basic rules, it can be just as satisfying as a week away.

→ No computer or video games
→ No television
→ No emailing
→ No cleaning or house chores…

It is important to plan for fun as the more you plan, the more successful your staycation will be!

Plan and Prepare

Start by setting a realistic and reasonable budget for your week at home. Set money aside for activities, eating out and perhaps even paying for a splurge or two.

Also, sit down with the whole family and plan activities that everyone would like to get involved with, as this will save any arguments.

Make sure you spend a little bit of time before your staycation to prep and make the house as neat and tidy as possible. Gather menus from local restaurants and if eating out is not an option, plan and freeze meals for a week’s worth of stress-free meals.

Get creative

Chances are there are loads of fun things to do in your local area that you never have time for.

Do some research into local activities, and in the meantime, here are a few suggestions of fun activities for you and all the family:

→ Visit the zoo, the theatre or local museum
→ Try a new sport, such as golf or paintballing
→ Rent a bike and spend the day exploring
→ Watch the local football team
→ Visit the nearest beach for a day trip

Kick Back and Relax

For most people the hardest part of a staycation is relaxing and letting go of everyday obligations.

The key to having the best staycation ever ultimately has nothing to do with the activities you choose, but with your own attitude and commitment to making your week a time of fun and relaxation.

Let the chores be for a week and instead give yourself permission to kick back and enjoy the moment!

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