Finding a purpose for forgotten furniture

Finding a purpose for forgotten furniture

Do you actively avoid your garage or loft because it’s packed to the rafters and daunting to deal with?

Space is so valuable these days, and worthy of much greater things than being a junkyard for the ill-bought and forgotten. Get the family involved and make a day of tackling the tat. You’ll be surprised at what you find and how easily it can be re-purposed for your home.

Not sure what’s worth salvaging and what needs to head straight for the bin? Take a look at our list of what to keep hold of and how to make it work at home.

Big ticket items


Picture source: Loril Angille

Held onto an old dining room table, wardrobe or other bulky furniture? Give them a once over to see what nick they’re in. Wobbly legs, bad paint jobs and rusty door knobs can easily be spruced up with a bit of tlc. Getting creative on an upcycling project with the family will be a fun and free up much needed space in the process.

Think something may be worth a bob or two? Look for a stamped logo or engraved signature to see if it’s been ‘signed’ by the designer. It you spot something, do some research – you may have been sitting on a gold mine!


Never underestimate how lighting affects the mood in a room, so don’t be afraid to play around. Use lamps or chandeliers to add personality and create a focal point.

Can’t stand the dusty pink lampshade? Have a rummage at a vintage fair for something more stylish, or mix old fittings with modern shades that better fit your style.


Do you by any chance have an old ERCOL sofa in amongst the tat? These are seriously sought after now, so hopefully someone had the sense to wrap it when storing.

First check the wooden frame. If this still seems strong, and hasn’t warped or weakened then you are in luck! You may need to re-cover the seats or cushions, but it’s totally worth it to bring some mid-century trend into your home. Find a print that fits your current style and entrust a local upholster to bring it back to life.



Vintage cameras are seriously on trend at the moment. Found an old Leica M3 or Mercury Satellite during your clear out?

They may have stopped working years ago but these old design classics will look beautiful displayed on a bookshelf or as part of a feature wall in your living room. Keep an eye out in charity shops and keep adding to your collection to create a unique and stylish statement at home.


Old sets of mismatched silver cutlery used at a dinner party create a shabby chic look. Mix vintage serving utensils with white china – it’s subtle but will inject elegance into mealtimes.

Want to keep hold of some furniture to pass on but worried about a lack of space? Consider renting a self-storage unit. You can hold on to items you want to give to future generations without them taking up valuable room in your home.

Have you found any old treasures that now take pride of place at home? Let us know what you found and how you brought them back to life.

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