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Five design trends to try this summer

Five design trends to try this summer

Days are getting longer, lighter and livelier as summer approaches.

Now is the time to stow away the blue and greys of winter’s past and revamp your home so it’s ready to spring into summer.  Whether it’s adding a pop of colour or bringing the outside in, there’s a plethora of ways to give your home a summer refresh. Take a look at these five summer trends we can’t get enough of.

1. Embrace the outdoors

Bring the outside in, building your own indoor oasis by incorporating large potted plants in your living room and small herbs in your kitchen. Extend through the house by combining natural materials like cork in the kitchen and wooden fixtures in the bathroom, introducing earthy tones throughout your space.

Go Big


Create a vertical garden by covering one of your walls with different kind of green plants or herbs.

A Middle Ground


If you don’t want to commit an entire wall, try placing potted plants throughout your house.

The Little Things


Keep it simple by incorporating small biospheres throughout your home. Cheap and long lasting, these little ecosystems will make a big impact on your space.

Make it pop

Bold and bright, this season’s colour palate is all about making a statement. From fuchsia pinks, neon yellows and stormy blues these colours are sure to bring personality to any room. Try pairing daring colours with soft pastels like yellow and mint or classic neutrals like black, white or beige.

Go Big


Transform your space with a lick of paint, try bright yellows or bright blue for the biggest impact.

A Middle Ground


Don’t want to get out the paintbrushes? No problem, you can still add a splash of colour to your room with a bright statement rug.

The Little Things


If you don’t want to splash the cash with a rug or paint, you can easily change the look of a room with bright and bold accessories. Try it in your home by adding a patterned pillow or decorative jar to your space.

Pick a pattern

From flamboyant florals to geometric graphic prints, bold patterns are better this summer. Create an instant “wow” factor at home by laying a statement geometric rug in the bedroom, floral wallpaper in the living room or a bright patterned backsplash in the kitchen.

Go Big

Image source: Graham Brown

Wallpaper an entire room or create a statement wall for the biggest impact with this trend. Look for wallpaper that has a bright colour and bold print.

A Middle Ground


Not keen on changing your wall colour? Try incorporating the trend in a less show-ey way by pairing a geometric rug with your neutral living room.

The Little Things


Accessorising is a good way to liven up a space. Try and brighten up your dining table with this bold table clothes.

Go vintage

Whether it’s Nan’s art deco mirror from the 20s or your psychedelic rock posters from the 60s, get these items out of self-storage and give them a new lease of life in your current space. This trend is all about rediscovering things from your past and combining old with the new.

Go Big


Completely transform your room by incorporating retro colours and patterns like the ones below.

A Middle Ground


Liven up your space with accessories that give a nod to the past like these (energy efficient) filament light bulbs.

The Little Things

Image source:

Turn your something old into something new by framing your favourite retro posters and putting them on display for a perfect conversational piece.

Industrial glamour

Hollywood glam meets industrial chic for this new interiors favourite. Combine cold steel and unfinished brickwork with luxe light fixtures, copper accessories and glossy marble finishes for a clean, chic room.

Go Big


Use steel grey paint or brick slips throughout your home to give your space a complete industrial transformation.

A Middle Ground


Light fittings can be an inexpensive way to incorporate the latest trend in your home, try metal light fixtures to give your room an industrial vibe.

The Little Things

Image source:


Even changing your accessories can make a huge difference to the feel of a room. Try these pillows, throw and trays for a quick room refresh.

There are so many new and innovative ways of bringing these trends into your home this season. What are your favourites, and do you have any other looks that we have missed out? Let us know below, and share photos of your design dos and don’ts.


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