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Get Appy! The ten best apps to help organise your life

Get Appy! The ten best apps to help organise your life

With September being at the door steps, life, work and school will be back to these hectic time. Try these ten essential apps to help your head (and wallet) cope with the buy schedule and make the most of your time.




Need someone to do your laundry, paint a room, or assemble that new IKEA nightstand? Save time and get an extra pair of hands to help with TaskRabbit. The app connects users to reliable local handymen who can help out with everyday tasks.

Google Now


How are you ever expected to remember everything you have planned for the weekend? With Google Now you won’t have to. It will alert you to your plans daily (even hourly) to keep you on track. It’s got weather updates to help you plan on sunnies or a brolly and it’ll even remind you to get Granny’s birthday card.



Avoid double booking yourself with this scheduling assistant that keeps track of all your appointments by synchronising your calendars. Perfect for helping you find half an hour to fit in that new yoga class before picking the kids up from football practice.



Is your Gran coming around for dinner this Sunday? Better dig out her old china plates.  Save yourself from rummaging through cardboard boxes and newspaper with organisational app Sortly. Create QR codes to stick on each box as you pack it away (no more need for that smelly felt marker) and then simply scan the code on the box to see what’s inside.




Keep your travel documents, bills and tickets one swipe away with this cloud based storage app. Perfect for anyone prone to losing important bits of paper, the app lets you share photos and key documents across multiple devices to ensure you can always find them.

Hotel tonight


Perfect for the spontaneous jet setter, this app allows you to book accommodation across 28 countries, often at discount rates. Even better, if you’re in a holiday rush, you can quickly book into a room nearby in less than ten seconds.



Avoid being the “late friend” with this handy travel buddy. Simply enter your final destination to get live travel updates for buses, tubes, trains and cycling dock stations. If you don’t fancy the tube it even gives you the option of booking an Uber.




Use this cashback app to find the best deals for last minute getaways and earn reward points for high street purchases, stretching your pounds and helping you feel less guilty about buying that new sundress.

Spending Tracker


Having troubles getting your paycheck to stretch past the first week of getting paid? To ensure you have enough for the month, try this easy-to-use budgeting app. Alerting you when you’re near the red, this spending tracker should help you keep a tight(er) leash on your purchases.



Don’t pay over face value for London’s top shows and concerts with this fan-to-fan ticket vendor. The app aims to protect music, theatre and sports fans from sneaky scalpers by only allowing tickets to be sold at face-value or below.




Believe it or not, days spent exploring food markets and chasing after the kids are actually keeping you fit. Keep track of all your movements with MyFitnessPal, the app that records your daily steps and calories burned, encouraging you to leave the car at home.

All apps available on the Apple store, Android or Windows

Which apps do you use to keep yourself on track? Have you tried any of our favourite ones? Let us know those you can’t live without and any you suggest to avoid downloading!

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