Going on vacation? Don’t make it easy for burglars!

Going on vacation? Don’t make it easy for burglars!

Friends, family … so many people are preparing their suitcases and bags for a well-deserved vacation.

Unfortunately summer vacation season is exactly the time “when burglars go to work”. After all, what better time to strike than when no one’s home?

Don’t make it easy for them to break in! Before you head off, we’d like to remind you how to protect your empty home.

Don’t post about your travel plans

Stay on the safe side and don’t mention your trip until you’re back. By posting your destination and travel dates on social media, you’re opening yourself up to a world of trouble.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, don’t check-in at various locations. Go to your settings and disable your location services so no one can track where you are.

It’s good to make sure your travelling companions are on the same level here. In fact, why not take a break from social media all together?

A good neighbour is a great blessing

It’s less likely for a burglar to break into your home if it’s clear from the outside that there’s someone around. So have a trusted neighbour keep an eye out on your home while you’re away.

You could ask him to pick up your letters, park in the driveway, maybe even take the trash out or water the plants. Of course, the least you can do is to fire up the grill and invite him over for a BBQ once your back!

Common sense versus high-tech

A burglar is always looking for an easy target. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on security, some common sense can already bring you far:

  • Make sure you lock every door and window to your home, even your pet doors.
  • Don’t hide any spare keys under the doormat or any other place where burglars can easily find them.
  • Don’t roll down all the shutters.
  • Don’t leave any tools or ladders outside that burglars can use to climb into your home.
  • Keep valuable items out of sight and important documents discreetly hidden in your house or safely stored away in a small storage unit or locker.

These smart gadgets may well be worth your peace of mind:

  • Indoor or outdoor security lighting sending a real-time alert to your smartphone when it detects any movement or sound.
  • Light bulbs that can be switched on via Wifi – even when you are a thousands of miles away.
  • A home security system that allows you to view live video remotely from your phone.
  • A fake TV light that imitates the coloured flashes and glow of your television.

Nest Cam IQ – Buy it at store.nest.com

Fake TV – Buy it at www.amazon.co.uk

Let us know if you have any other ideas to protect you home and post a comment. But for now, stay on the safe side and have a good trip!

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