Halloween Décor: 6 DIY Ideas

Halloween Décor: 6 DIY Ideas

Are you getting into the ‘spirit’ of things this 31st October?

Whether it’s a fancy-dress party or a fright night dinner, adding Halloween décor will get you in the mood.

Check out our 6 DIY ideas that will make your place look spook-tacular this Halloween. Give it a go… if you dare!

1. Boo-llons

Simple, yet very effective. Blow up orange and white balloons and add your scary faces with black marker pen. Tie around the house – or opt for helium balloons to get floating freaky faces!

2. Who’s that girl?

Scare your guests with eyes that follow them round the room! Add mini masks to the faces in any pictures or paintings you have in the house. Everyone will get the creeps as they notice all eyes are on them!


3. Ghoolish banquet

Get your teeth stuck into this dinner plate decoration.

Fake vampire teeth can be bought from most joke shops (or Amazon of course) and roll up red napkins to place in the jaws. Black plates will add the perfect backdrop too.


4. Mason jar mummies

These cute mason jar mummies are another top Halloween decoration. Simple too.

Use old jam jars, or mason jars if you have them, and wrap with bandages. Cut out eyes to stick on, then drop a candle inside (battery ones would be perfect!).


5. Like a bat out of hell

A swarm of bats on your front door is very dramatic – and might just scare off some trick or treaters!

Cut your flock of bats from black card (google can help with template designs). Then use tape or blu-tack to add the swam to your front door. Mind your head!


6. Devilish drinks

And after all that hard work why not create some peculiar punches to sip?

Create eyeballs from lychees stuffed with white or black grapes and add them to your cocktail!


Share your favourite Halloween decoration below!

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