Hannes’ story: where can you safely store your equipment?

Hannes’ story: where can you safely store your equipment?

Self-storage can help in so many situations, also when you are running a company. This is the case for light and sound engineer Hannes.

Here is what he says about renting a storage unit:


As a kid, Hannes was fascinated by light, sounds and show effects. Now he has his own hire company, catering for corporate events and private parties.


It started out with small assignments, but Hannes’ company got bigger. He now caters for large events and needs more space to store his ever expanding technical equipment.

Not just any space though! The surface, temperature and humidity are very important for the quality of his lighting and sound systems.



At Shurgard, Hannes found a storage unit that met all these requirements. In addition, the facility is fully protected and he has 7 days a week access to his equipment.

He simply passes by on his way to a corporate event or private party to load and unload. Any time of the day!

At the moment, Hannes is renting a 180 square feet storage unit, but over the years he switched to different unit sizes, without additional costs.

Basically, all professional customers want is that their expensive (!) equipment is safe and dry. That’s explains why Hannes has been with Shurgard for more than 10 years!

Need a secure place to store your tools or equipment? Find out more about business storage.

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