Hinching: The Zoflora Hour

Hinching: The Zoflora Hour

Sophie Hinchcliffe – aka Mrs Hinch – is an Instagram sensation. She’s attracted over 3 million followers just by showing us her daily cleaning tips (“hinching”) and her bargain finds.

It’s the intimate look into her ‘ordinary’ life which has won so many over. Plus it has caused a spike in cleaning product sales.

One of her best loved products is a £1 bottle of Zoflora. Zoflora is a disinfectant which comes in an array of fragrances – so you can kill bacteria while giving you a home a delightful aroma.

One of her top tips is to put a capful of Zoflora, a cup of soda crystals and hot water down the plug hole. Then leave it overnight. You’ll wake up to a clean and fresh sink in the morning – no more nasty smells.

But what else can you do with Zoflora? Here’s our favourite options for a Zolflora Hour – a time dedicated to freshening up the home.

Freshen the Bins

Soak a clean cloth in diluted Zoflora and wipe the bin inside and out. It will banish the nasty smells and kill the bacteria.

Finally spray the Zoflora onto a paper towel and put it at the bottom of the bin. Guaranteed to leave it fresher for longer.

Door Handles

Handles can quickly get covered in bacteria – particularly cupboard doors. Spray Zoflora onto a cloth and wipe them down. Clean and bug free.

Light Switches

Like door handles, grubby fingers are often in contact with the light switches. But how often do you clean them? Give them all a rub down with diluted Zoflora.

Washing Machines

You might clean the outside (with diluted Zoflora of course). But the inside? Add a cupful to the empty drum and run a hot cycle. It is the best way to get rid of unpleasant smells from inside the machine.

Bathroom Floors

You might not notice, but the bathroom floor is covered in bacteria – particularly around the toilet. Dilute your favourite Zoflora fragrance into a mop bucket and wipe away those nasties!

Toilet Brushes

The brush is used for cleaning the toilet. But what’s cleaning the brush? Pop the toilet brush into a bucket with Zoflora and water. Bacteria is gone, and fresh smells return.

Remote Controls

Often neglected during a house clean – the remote controls are actually rather filthy. Spray a paper towel with your diluted Zoflora and wipe over the controls. Zap that bacteria!

Baby Changing Mats

When diluted, Zoflora is safe for using in your baby’s room too. The changing mat is a good place to start. Spray diluted Zoflora to the map and wipe off. No more smells…until the next nappy change!

So now you know where to start with your Zoflora hour. Next up – what fragrance will you choose?

There are over 20 in the range – from Tropical Twist, Secret Garden to Linen Fresh – you will find the perfect match for a scent-sational clean. Mrs Hinch will be proud!

What do you do with your Zoflora Hour?
Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Put some doctors in a humidifier with warm water keeps my home smelling good

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