Home hacks and ingenious space savers

Home hacks and ingenious space savers

The ultimate goal of any living space is to achieve your own slice of heaven; a calm, spacious place to relax and unwind. But, so often we find ourselves hoarding things we don’t particularly need, but also don’t want to bin. When you feel like your house is swamped with stuff, it’s time to start getting creative.

Here at Shurgard we’ve come up with some simple home hacks that we wanted to share – every little can help!

Under the stairs


Try out some DIY home improvement and build some storage space beneath the stairs, a simple cupboard with some shelves works wonders. This will create the perfect home for all those household necessities that clutter living space. No more tripping over the vacuum and stubbing your toe on the tool box.

Get creative with shelves


Have a spare wall? Pop in some shelves. Every house could do with a little more space for those random bits and pieces you have knocking around. This new space can hold your book collection, box sets and old CD’s.

Seasonal swaps


Clothes can be the biggest hassle when you are short on space. Despite knowing there is no space left in the wardrobe, we continue to shop.  As the seasons change, we find ourselves pulling out summer dresses from piles of woolly jumpers.  The solution is easy; invest in some vacuum bags to store clothes that you won’t need until the winter months return. They are cheap, fun to use and will help you avoid the return of the floordrobe.

Basket case


As well as looking nice and Pinterest-worthy, using baskets to increase storage space is effective in keeping rooms neat and tidy. Stack and label baskets in your kitchen to store fruit and vegetables, in the lounge to store DVDs and in the bedroom to store shoes. Simple, cheap and effective!



Jewellery is notorious for getting tangled into irritating knots – how on earth do they get that tangled? Chucking them into a drawer or box when you’re in a hurry can spell disaster. Grab yourself a pin board and a few strong pins and start to display your jewellery on the board. As well as looking lovely and reducing the woes of untangling a bunch of necklaces, it’s also an effective space-saving solution.

When it comes to saving space, it’s the simple things that are most effective. With these tips, you can start to slowly transform your living space into a clean, calm area for you to enjoy.

Self-storage is another ingenious way to create more space in your house. Head over to Shurgard where you can drop off those belongings that you don’t want to throw away, but might just not be in keeping with the chic, minimalist look of your home.

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