How to Baby Proof the Home

How to Baby Proof the Home

If you need to babyproof the home, you are probably aware of the basics. Buy a stair gate, hide the knives, lock away the cleaning fluids. But what else do you need to consider?

Here are some extra ideas that you really need to think about to protect your little ones.

1. Eliminate sharp corners

Before having children you probably opted for stylish coffee tables and units; the last thing you considered was the corners!

Well, now you need too. Sharp corners are a potential hazard for little kids, so you will need to round them off. You can buy rubber edging pieces which will smooth off any sharp corners – meaning less issues if your child bumps into the side.

2. Anchor your furniture

TVs, chest of drawers, bookcases all make great statement pieces; however, to your child they look like amazing climbing frames.

Unfortunately, if a little one pulls themselves up on the side of a unit and it is not anchored at the back, there is the potential for it to fall over onto your child.

The best option is to secure them to the wall – mount your TV and your units at the back. Often furniture comes with wall mounting brackets – but if not, you can buy some to retro fit your items.

3. Put Floor Lamps to the back

Floor lamps add a great statement to your lounge but are a great distraction for the kids. Avoid any potential issues from lights being pulled over (or even the wire tripping up little feet) and place your floor lamp behind a piece of furniture so they cannot be attacked.

4. Cover sockets

Electrical sockets are very enticing for youngsters; remove the temptation by positioning items of furniture in front of sockets or buy socket guards to cover off the holes.

No more risk of fingers getting stuck where they shouldn’t…or random bits of Lego getting wedged into a plug.

5. Remove Blind cords

All looped cords for blinds should immediately be remove from the house as they pose a significant threat to little ones; this is particularly important if you have a blind in their bedroom.

For elsewhere in the house where you are unable to remove corded blinds – install a safety device. This could be a cord/chain-break connector, a cord/chain tidy or cleat. This will ensure that the cord is kept securely out of grasp.

6. Remove the clutter

The smaller the child – the more stuff they need! So rather than clutter up the house and pose trip hazards for both you and the child, it is a great idea to clear away any pieces that are not in use. This can be seasonal items, tools, or excess furniture.

Wrap it up with protective materials and place it securely in a clean and dry storage unit. Shurgard have some cost-effective units available – and it is all hassle-free; you can book a unit online for free.

What else do you recommend when babyproofing the home? Let us know in the comments below!

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