How to beat the stress of Christmas shopping?

How to beat the stress of Christmas shopping?

Christmas is on the way! It’s a time of joy, but the shopping part can be stressful when you leave it till last minute.

The crowd, the ideas, the budget, the time… all coming at you like high waves. So how do you handle the stress of buying presents? Check out our top tips!

Long live the internet


Thank God the internet has made buying gifts easier than ever. It gives you access to a whole world of potential Christmas gifts without even having to leave the house. It’s often cheaper and also easier to compare prices online.

If you decide to avoid the queues and shop online, don’t forget holiday shipping always takes longer than usual, so don’t wait until last minute.

Wish list


In an ideal world, you should already write down during the year what your recipients would like or need. No need to wait until December to start shopping.

Create a list of people who you need to buy presents for and how much you’re going to spend on them. Make sure to keep your wish list up to date. No point in buying that scarf if your mom already bought it 3 months ago.

Think out of the box


If you can’t figure out what to buy for your brother, who already seems to have everything he needs, why not buy him an experience instead of a gift?

Experiences like concert or sport event tickets create lovely memories and doing things together will strengthen your relationship. This new smartphone that was so exciting last year will easily become part of everyday life, shared experiences will be remembered for years to come.

Emergency plan


If worse comes to worst and you still have no idea nor time, remember that gift cards aren’t all that bad. Or if you decide not to settle with a voucher, get crafty and make something yourself using some of our favorite upcycling ideas.

A safe hiding place


Now that you have already bought most of your Christmas presents, figure out where you are going to keep them away from the curious eyes of your other half and children.

How about renting a small storage unit or locker? It could be an ideal place for you to keep those hands off the surprise you’re going to give them on Christmas day. Good look!

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