How to Decorate a Rental Home

How to Decorate a Rental Home

Decorating your rental home is a balancing act. You want to make it feel like home, right? But what about getting your rental deposit back? You don’t want to jeopardise that of course!

You should never miss out on the opportunity to make your house a home, so try these ideas on how to decorate a rental property.

1. Paint? Ask the question!

Most people will avoid doing something as permanent as painting, but if the walls need a refresh – ask your landlord. They will often be happy for you to do it if you opt for a neutral colour.

Painting can really lighten and brighten a room – which brings benefits for both you and the owners of the property. So, ask the question!

2. Update the lighting

You can’t rewire the house, but new lighting can transform the shape and space of your house.

You can add new lampshades to bring a colour update to the room or add table lamps to lower the light levels and create different focal points in the living space.

3. Add pictures

While you may not want to risk adding nails or drilling hooks into the walls – there are many ‘no nails’ products around now which allow you to add pictures to the walls or hang up lights without leaving a permanent hole in the wall. Command strips are the most popular brand, available on Amazon of course.

Pictures will add a real personal touch to the house, even if it isn’t yours.

4. New Curtains

This is a simple quick fix. Even if there are curtains already in place, you can remove and attach your own to bring a new look and feel to the area.

Bold colours will make a real statement, or you can go for a soft linen in a similar colour to the walls to achieve more sense of space.

5. Add your accessories

If the property comes furnished you can still add your personal touch with scatter cushions in fabrics or prints that show off your personality.

Additional small touches that can quickly refresh a room – and don’t take up much space – include vases, ornaments, statement fruit bowls or new tablecloths.

6. Bring new life

Plants are brilliant at refreshing a room and can be taken with you when you move on too!

If you are not particularly green fingered, you can read our post all about indoor plants you can’t kill!

7. Store and stay clutter free

If your rental property is furnished, or even if it isn’t but your belongings just take up too much space, then rent a storage unit. This will allow you to keep hold of all those special pieces you want to keep hold of for when you move to a bigger place.

Don’t try to cram everything into every corner and make your house really cluttered. It will make you resent the place you are in.  De-clutter for the win!  Shurgard have units available at cheap prices!

How have you made your rental property a home? Let us know tips and tricks in the comments below!


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