How to feng shui your bedroom

How to feng shui your bedroom

In our previous blog post, we introduced five basic principles to apply the Chinese art of feng shui in your home.

Ready to move onto the next chapter? Read on and find out how you can improve your sleep by incorporating feng shui elements in your bedroom.

Be aware of the door!

In feng shui, it’s said that the placement of the bed is a crucial step in creating positive energy. So position your bed in such a way that there is a solid wall behind it and you can see the door directly from the bed.

Room for two?

By placing the same bedside tables next to the headboard, you will create balance and harmony in your relationship. What’s more, you can also use two similar lamps, two seats, two pillows … we suppose you get the picture.

A tech-free bedroom

We sometimes tend to forget, but The Cambridge Dictionary clearly defines a bedroom as “a room used for sleeping in”.

Your bedroom is not meant to work or study, so switch off your mobile phone, the internet and social media (just make sure your alarm clock is on!).

Soft colours and fabrics

Keep it neutral and opt for warm earthly colours like terra cotta or peach. Pastel colours like mint green promote harmony and relaxation in your bedroom. (This may seem like common sense, but it’s something a lot of us forget!)

You can always add some accents with bright-coloured bedding or curtains in a more vivid colour.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Not sure if Snow White would agree, but in feng shui, it’s said that a mirror in front of the bed will disrupt your sleep.

Some feng shui practitioners even claim that a mirror in the bedroom is like inviting a third person into your relationship. So if you like to have a mirror in your bedroom to try out some new outfits or jewellery, make sure it’s not facing the bed.

According to feng shui practitioners, a good “bedroom feng shui” will help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep throughout the night. So last but not least, we’ve listed up a few definite “feng shui no, no’s”:

  • Don’t put your bed in front of the window.
  • Don’t hang shelves or cupboards above your bed.
  • Don’t put any water elements in your bedroom.
  • Avoid lamps directly above your bed.
  • And a general rule, don’t store clutter.

For most of us it’s impossible to take all these feng shui dos & don’ts into account, but it’s completely up to you to pick out some elements you can easily apply, but don’t worry too much about it though … that would be so not feng shui!

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