How to Give Your Garage a Makeover

How to Give Your Garage a Makeover

Are you thinking of sprucing up your garage space?  Here are some great ways to revamp your garage and give it a smart makeover.

1. New Floors

Garage floors naturally get dirty very quickly and can downgrade the look of a garage; however, adding a new coat of paint will instantly give it a boost!

Latex acrylic paint is the cheapest option in the short term, or – if you are willing to invest some time and money – go for epoxy paint. Epoxy is more durable and chip resistant meaning you won’t need to touch it again for a while.

If you are doing-it-yourself be sure to follow the instructions; you will need to spend some time cleaning and sanding the floor before painting to ensure you get the best-looking surface.

2. Paint the walls

Similar to the floors – the walls will give your garage an instant lift. Despite the walls being ‘inside’ we still recommend using an exterior wall paint as the garage walls can still suffer from the effects of the elements. External wall paint is tougher and more resistant to mould.

Neutral colours like light greys and subtle blues are ideal as they will instantly brighten the garage interior, and are a little more forgiving with dirt than a pure white!

3. Add decoration

Despite the garage being a space outside of the home, there is no reason why you can’t add some home comforts.

Add pictures to the walls – metal signs or framed pictures are the best bet to resist the changes in temperature. If you have the space, there is nothing wrong with adding some patio furniture or table so you can use it as a social space too!

4. Good storage

Garages often double up as storage spaces, so install convenient shelving units to maximise and organise the space effectively.

Group similar items together so they are easier, and always stack heavier items at the bottom with lighter equipment at the top.

If you find your garage is always overflowing – a good option is to twin it with a storage unit. You can then rotate in items that you are currently using – i.e. keep your gardening equipment in the garage during the summer while the winter tyres are safely kept in your storage unit.

5. Upgrade the door

Garage doors are the first thing people see, so if you have upgraded the interior, it will be a great idea to smarten up the front too; instant extra curb appeal!

Clean and dry your garage door before adding a primer, followed by your chosen paint colour.

Consider matching your garage door to your house to avoid it ‘taking over’ – giving your property a unity which will make the overall appearance of your house feel larger.

If your garage door needs a serious upgrade, invest in a new metal door. Sectionals are a great investment as they offer space saving vs. ‘up & overs’; plus, it offers great insulation and security.

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