How to have a healthier home

How to have a healthier home

We all know a breath of fresh air is good for you. But have you thought about the air you breathe at home? Indoor pollution (also known as ‘toxic home syndrome’) has been known to cause headaches and even respiratory problems.

So, what causes indoor pollution, and how can you get a healthier home?


Chemicals, mould and other pollutants like aerosols and hairsprays can linger in your home.  Air flow is important! Keep the air circulating so you don’t breathe it all in.

Open windows during warmer months. Keep doors open between rooms and use ceiling fans or box fans to keep the air moving.

Mould control

Mould is a big culprit for poor air quality. As humidity levels rise in the home, it can become a breading ground for bacteria, particularly fungal spores which can penetrate deep into the lungs.

Top tips for avoiding mould? Avoid drying clothes indoors as this releases moisture into the air. Also, keep bathrooms well ventilated so they can dry out quickly.


Carpets and fabrics can trap dust mites – which are one of the most common indoor allergens. These little nasties thrive in hot homes, so keep temperatures within the comfortable 18-21°C range.

And vacuum regularly! Use a HEPA filter for a thorough clean.

Clean Right

Powerful household cleaners can release toxins into the air and irritate the skin. Opt for natural ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda or eco brands to improve your indoor health.

The Perfect Paint

Natural paint is the best option for a healthy home. They are water-based and solvent-free so can help reduce the risk of asthma.

Natural paint is also breathable which prevents mould from growing on walls.  Look out for the following brands: Ecos, earthborn and Biofa to paint the natural way.

Natural Scents

Scented candles are lovely, but they can also release nasty toxins as you burn the paraffin (a petroleum waste product). Your best bet are soy or beeswax candles if you want great smells in a healthy home.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a lovely way to naturally detox the air. Go for Ivy which has the ability to remove nasty particles in the air and combat mould. Lilies are also a fab choice for a green purifier.  Read our blog about indoor plants to help you pick the plant for you.

So, with a few little changes you can improve the air quality and have a healthy new you!
Do you have any more tips on how to get a healthy home?

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