How to Organise A Bathroom

How to Organise A Bathroom

Bathrooms quickly get disorganised. Shampoo bottles cluttering up a shower. Sinks full of toothpaste and face wash.

Hygiene and beauty regimes can use so many products, a bathroom can quickly become a cluttered mess. The good news? We’ve got some useful tips to help you transform your bathroom into an organised, and tranquil space. Here’s how…

Spring Clean

You will never achieve clear countertops if you’re hoarding expired and unused items.

Sort through the cupboards and drawers and have a good purge. The basic elements – toothpaste, toothbrush and soap – can remain out. Everything else needs to be organised away.

Clutter-free Cupboards

Bathroom cupboards can quickly become home to a mis-match of items.

Only keep what you need in the bathroom itself. That may be a few spare towels, toilet rolls, or lotions and potions.

Whatever it is, you can achieve an ordered look by categorising. Group your towels together and use wicker or rattan basket to segment and contain different items.

Small Storage

Use beautiful pots and cannister to keep items like cotton wool, ear buds and hair accessories.

Whether you go nautical, metallic or glass – they can become a decorative feature as well as stylish storage.

For make-up, try sleek clear storage boxes with lots of compartments. They will contain your lipsticks and mascaras, plus the clear view will help you quickly locate what you need.

Divide and Conquer

Drawer dividers are essential in a bathroom. They will help you to keep control of countless products thrown in a drawer.

Head to Muji or IKEA to get yours.

Adding Space

If your bathroom has little, or no storage, then invest in some additional pieces.

You can get tall racks which go around your toilet, or wheelie carts which you can pull in and out when you need the product.

Ladder units are also very chic. Taking up little floor space, they can add valuable additional shelves or hanging space to any wall you choose.

Shower Power

The shower can become overwhelmed by shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and everything else. Invest in a sturdy shower caddy to dedicate a place for the bottles.

There are great ones which either fit snuggly in a corner, or you can use a type which fits over the shower screen – like this fancy one from Wayfair.

Double Up

Make every corner of your bathroom useful. Add towel rails to the front of your vanity unit and use corner laundry boxes to slot into an unused space.

For chic multi-functional furniture, we love this stylish mirror which also doubles as a useful shelf.

Once your bathroom is organised and functional, add a final note of style with a house plant like Aloe or Bamboo.

So, get motivated and organise your bathroom. Not only will it elevate the aesthetics and functionality – a clutter-free space will be a much easier place to clean!

If you’ve got more top tips to share on bathroom organisation, let us know in the comments below.

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