How to Organise A Kid’s Room

How to Organise A Kid’s Room

“Tidy your room!” We remember hearing it as kids. We probably say it now as parents (repeatedly).

A kid’s room is rarely organised if left to the child. It’s cleaned. They play. It’s a mess.

Encourage good habits, involve your child, and make storage fun – it is possible to achieve the holy grail of a tidy kid’s room.

Stop the Toy Take-Over

Children’s rooms are often small and/or shared. They’re usually crammed full of stuff. Toys and books that seem to multiply. Clothes they grow out of quickly (or just don’t want to wear).

Start with a clear out! Work out what is still ‘age appropriate’ and therefore useful.

For everything else consider giving to charity or selling on. For items you want to keep, a storage facility is a great option. Find out more about storing with Shurgard.

Create Zones

This is vital when organising any space. Define areas for sleeping, toys, books, work (if appropriate) and clothes.

The area doesn’t need to be big, but a little desk where they work, a chest for toys and a clutter-free bed would do the trick.

Kids thrive on routine, so giving their stuff a dedicated ‘home’ will make them feel comfortable. Plus, it teaches them the basics of tidying up.

Find your Inner Child

Now look at your child’s room through their eyes. Adult organisation doesn’t necessarily work.

Dressers are hard for little fingers and cupboard doors might be difficult to open and close. This could be why everything ends up on the floor!

Make clearing up easier by using kid friendly storage. Here are 5 storage options:

1. Easy Storage Baskets

Open baskets make it easier to put things away, and there’s plenty of space for little parts and miniature figures.

Why not add words or pictures to the front and make it a game to match the toy with the box!

2. Open Rail Hangers

These are perfect for little hands to hang up clothes. Why not select clothes for the next day or two – this will avoid any dressing hassles in the morning and keeps everything else neatly folded away.

3. Mesh Hanging Baskets

These hanging baskets look cool and are practical. Hang them from the ceiling or shelves to maximise the space in your child’s room. A perfect new home for their cuddly toys.

Pinterest –

4. Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips are a fab way to keep little cars neatly tidied away (and no longer a stepping hazard!). You can use magnetic knife strips – available from IKEA.

5. Themed Bookcases

Themed bookcases are super cool, and they can match any bedroom taste. Giving books a specific home means they should be put back there too.

This Knights and Dragons one is loads of fun, plus it has additional drawers for storage.

Any furniture that is multi-use is perfect for maximising the space in your child’s bedroom.

Bottom Up

Whichever storage option you choose – make sure you use the bottom up method!

Store most played with items on bottom shelves where the child can reach them and – importantly – return them easily.

Of course, store stuff you don’t want them to use out of reach too (think paint!)

Personalise the Room

Giving the child responsibility for their room will encourage them to keep it tidy.

Make it theirs. If they’re old enough include them in the design and décor. For younger children get them to pick toys to display on a shelf.

Why not add framed magnetic boards to the wall? A cleaner way to hang their pictures, plus it creates a focal point where their artwork belongs.

Play and Tidy

Once you have decluttered, zoned the room and are using the right storage… you need to keep it clean!

You can encourage your child to tidy up through routines and play. For example, get them to count to 10 every evening where they need to pick up 10 items from the floor. Reward them when tidying up goes well.

And finally lead by example parents! It’s your turn. Get organising your bedroom. We’ve got some great organisation tips – start with decluttering your wardrobe in 5 easy steps.

If you’ve got some more top tips on organising a kids’ room – let us know in the comments!

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