How To Organise A Stockroom

How To Organise A Stockroom

The world has rapidly changed this year; as a small business you may have found yourself with fluctuating stock levels as you try to adjust to this new ‘normal’.

Your existing stockroom may need to run more efficiently; or perhaps you need one for the first time. Here’s what you need to know to create and organise the perfect stockroom.

Get the space

First up – do you even have the space? Consider what is available on your business premises. If you work from home – can you carve out room in a spare bedroom or garage? Think about the space you need, and what you can feasibly manage.

A good first step is to have a chat with a local storage facility.  They can help you understand what space you require and the options available. A secure storage space off-site might be the answer if you don’t have the capacity at home or work.

Flexibility is key

Requirements will change as your business evolves so you need to have flexibility. Avoid long term contracts with penalties that mean you end up paying for space that you don’t use.

Storage companies like Shurgard allow you to transfer to a different size unit without incurring a fee.  This means you can use a large space when stock levels are high and transfer to a smaller unit when they are low.  No penalty, and no headache transferring stock between locations.

Shelves and racks

Invest in high quality storage racks and shelving that fits your needs. This could be multiple shelving units, drawers or boxes.

A good tip is to measure up the stockroom first and plan out the space. This will ensure everything fits perfectly, no space is wasted and you can store efficiently.

Optimise the space

When you have kitted out the perfect space, organisation is essential. Follow these steps for the optimal stockroom.

Maximise vertical space: Stack up to the ceiling to max out the storage capacity.

Solid base first: Put heavy items on the bottom to create a sturdy base.

Popular upfront: Keep your most requested items at the front of your stock room for easiest access

Map it: Draw a simple map of your stock room so that you – or other members of staff – can easily locate what you need.

Regular clear out: Schedule a regular stock-take so you can review what you have in stock.  De-cluttering is an essential part of having a well-run stockroom.

Aisle be there: Remember to create an aisle in-between storage racks so you walk up and down and reach any items at the back.

Label everywhere:  Label shelves and boxes so you can find what you need when scanning the room.  Have a message board at the front for any day specific info for other people that use the room too.

How do you manage your stockroom? Let us know in the comments below.

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